Quick Hits :: 02.24.09

* 1,737. That’s the total number of pages in books thus far that we are giving away at the 2009 Band of Bloggers fellowship (over $125 in value). Have you registered yet? What are you waiting on?!!

* Been working through lots of community group stuff over the past week and resourcing myself through various links such as The Village Church’s stuff on community as well as The Church at Brookhill’s small group leader resources.

* Speaking of the Church at Brookhills, I encourage you to check out a very cool way to apply Sunday’s sermon throughout the week in a resource called “Reteaching Guide.”  Check it out (PDF).

* Joe Thorn shares the awesome story of his dad’s conversion and baptism.  Be sure to read how you stink at evangelism too. Convicting.

* Steve Timmis talks about how gospel communities are “all about the gospel because they are formed by the gospel and exist for the gospel.”  Has “missional community” become too trendy?

* Jared Wilson says you might not be a church if . . . . Oh, Jared also wonders how many churches knee deep in building debt are attempting to teach their folks about responsible finance management. Very good question.

* If you are into worship and liturgy, you need to check out The Open Source Book which is full of helpful resources related to corporate prayers, responsive readings, calls to worship, etc.

* Kevin DeYoung explains what he means by being “Reformed.” Really, really good stuff, inspite of the fact that he is blogging on Blogger a yucky template. 🙂

* Speaking of templates, I am hoping to switch sometime soon. I have been tired of this one for about six months. Going to the .org version of WordPress too. Hoping the theme I pick is not already used by lots of people! (sorry, no link here)

* Here are some photos from the Acts 29 Raleigh Bootcamp. Reminds me of the days when I used to live-blog and photograph conferences. Sigh.

* Leadership-Learning’s is a free, 250+ page eBook made available by Exponential Network and Leadership Network.

* Have you ever wondered (as a man) how to give a great man hug?  Well, here you go.  😉

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