ADVANCE: Resurgence of the Local Church

advance-headerSome of you have asked for specific examples of what the greatest common denominator (the Gospel) can work to bring Southern Baptists and non-Southern Baptists together for the church and the Great Commission.  Well, I would look no further than the Advance 09 Conference to be held in Durham, NC on June 4-6, 2009 at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Sponsored by Resurgence, Desiring God, Acts 29, and Re:Lit (Crossway), this conference has perhaps the best line-up of any conference this year, including John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Ed Stetzer, Matt Chandler, Danny Akin, Bryan Chapell, J.D. Greear, Eric Mason, and Tyler Jones (five Southern Baptists and four non-Southern Baptists).

The subtext to the conference is “the power of God’s gift to His people–the church!”  Together, these men bring various experiences in churches at various stages in their ministerial calling all focused on the resurgence of the local church today.  From Seattle to Philly, from Raleigh to Dallas, from Minneapolis to St. Louis, these guys are laboring to bring faithful to the text and fruitful in the context which God has placed them.  And these are all men who have a profound commitment to the local church.

Details are yet to be finalized on the website, but registration will open at $127 for those who do so before April 1.  For those who love being on mission for the building of the church for the glory of God, then be sure to mark your calendars and get on board!

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4 Comments on “ADVANCE: Resurgence of the Local Church”

  1. Boaly Says:

    Reading line ups like this convince me more & more that i live in the wrong country! Haha

  2. Heath Lloyd Says:

    Mr Brister: No offense to you for posting this commercial to this conference – it will likely be worthwhile, and I may end up attending.

    However, I think there is a profiteering motive somewhere lurking (not for you, of course) but for some conference promoter somewhere – like a concert promoter. How many more conferences do we need with Piper, Driscoll, et. al ? More conferences to seperate many hero-worshipers and their money. Face it — for many guys, the line-up here is like a group of their favorite rock stars!

    There will likely be more, many more, young men at this conference — right on the cusp of the annual SBC — and the argument will be “See . . . there really is a generation gap!” No doubt, there will be more 20-somethings at this then there will be at let’s say the SBC Pastor’s Conference. The Triangle of NC is a college/seminary/divinity school hotbed. More disenchanted young evangelical guys here than anywhere else in America, per capita.

    Yes, register early. There is always someone available to take your money.

    Thanks Timmy, for letting me rant a little. I really do enjoy your weblog, and wish you the best.

  3. Dr. Paul W. Foltz Says:

    thanks for the info, I’ll be praying for it.

  4. […] another conference called "Advance the Church".  Timmy Brister described it on his blog as […]

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