Quick Hits 03.10.09

* Michael Spencer (iMonk) has written about “The Coming Evangelical Collapse” which was picked up by the Christian Science Monitor, and then today made headlines on Real Clear Politics as well as The Drudge Report. Pretty cool.

* I linked to this already, but the Advance 09 Conference is finally live with a listing of topics and schedule. This conference ranks, in my opinion, among the top three most significant this year.

* You have got to check out these videos of W.A. Criswell preaching on “The Bible Kind of Salvation” (i.e., the doctrine of election).

* The list of speakers for this year’s SBC Pastor’s Conference Annual Meeting has been announced.  Notables include J.D. Greear, David Platt, and Francis Chan, among others.

* On the City is getting geared to go public which I really look forward to.  It is the web-based software/system for connecting and communicating within the church. Here’s a demo of their capabilities.

* My friend Collin Hansen addresses the question “What does the internet say about you?” over at Christianity Today. Blogs indeed are a window to your soul.

* MSNBC recently reported on Mars Hill Seattle and their use of Twitter in their services.  On another similar note, Acts 29 was the #1 Twitter Trend (in all of Twitter) yesterday during the first sessions of their bootcamp. Pretty cool.

* For those interested in a very good resource on biblical parenting, you will want to check out the “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” Conference posted at The Resurgence.

* Joe Thorn posted a really encouraging and pastoral exerpt from John Calvin on spiritual growth and applying the gospel to oneself.  Also check out the Thomas Boston excerpt on saints and sinners.

* We recently passed out a small booklet to our community group leaders called “Words That Cut: Learning to Take Criticism in Light of the Gospel” provided by Peacemakers Ministries.  This is booklet by Alfred Poirier and based on his article, “The Cross and Criticism.”  I strongly encourage you to check it out.

* Team Tom in the Box recently wrote about a man who was changing the world one Facebook group at a time. Hilarious.

* Read about how Baptists are planting churches where liberalism has failed.  I get stoked when I read stuff like this.

* Life2gether is a rather new blog focusing on discipleship and community within the church and family.  Well-designed and filling up with good content.

* Jollyblogger (David Wayne) posts a failed gospel tract, which is quite telling of the packaging of the gospel in evangelicalism today.

* D.A. Carson recently completed an amazing feat–preaching a biblical theological survey of redemptive history during two weekends at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  It was twelve sessions beginning with creation and ending in consummation.  The audio will be made available on Carson’s sermon page on The Gospel Coalition website.  In my opinion, this should be required listening for all Christians. Period.  You can listen to two (other) messages by Carson at BBC here.

>> Lots of other interesting stuff going on.  To stay abreast on stuff like this, “follow” me on Twitter. 🙂

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