Connecting Southern Baptist Church Planters

I need your help.

Over the course of the next two months, I will be working on putting together a list of guys in the SBC who either (1) have planted a Southern Baptist church in the last ten years or (2) pursuing the call to plant a church in the near future in North America.  But I am looking to be more specific than that.

Three criteria that bring greater definition to this are church planters who consider themselves as:

(1) Confessionally Reformed (Abstract of Principles or 1689 LBC)
(2) Distinctively Baptist (polity and practice)
(3) Missionally Driven (seeing church and lives fundamentally “missionary”)

From my conversations with folks over the past couple of years, God has been raising up a generation of church planters in the SBC, and I want to help them get connected and networked with one another.  For starters, I am asking that you email me the following information:

1.  First and Last Name
2.  Address
3.  Email
4.  Phone
5.  Name of church and website (if already planted)
6.  Brief description of where you are in church planting
7.  Planning to attend SBC Annual Meeting in Louisville

Here is the email address I am asking you to send this information:


I know that there are many other church planters who do not read blogs (including mine), so if you read this any know of other church planters who would benefit from connecting with others, please pass this info on to them.  I will compile a list or directory of sorts of guys who meet the aforementioned criteria.  Thanks for your help on this. My desire is to make it possible for Southern Baptist church planters to network together to learn, assist, and encourage one another in the kingdom work of multiplying churches for the glory of God.

Again, please email this information to me (instead of in the comments).  Thanks!

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2 Comments on “Connecting Southern Baptist Church Planters”

  1. Timmy,

    We, as a church, have adopted the New Hampshire Confession of 1833. I would personally hold to the Abstract of Principles and the 1689 Confession with only minor caveats. Does that disqualify us from the survey? (New Church plant here in the Deep South.)

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