The Hannah Taylor Fund

Last Friday, I asked you to join me in praying for baby Hannah Taylor.  She is the daughter of dear friends whom I have known for years (I grew up with her mother Kelli).  What was thought to be a regular doctor’s checkup within 24 hours landed their little 13 month old baby on an operating table for a five hour surgery.  Doctors determined that she had neuroblastoma and removed a tumor the size of a racquetball that had wrapped around her adrenal glands.  The surgery was successful, and although the tumor is cancerous, they believe it was caught early enough that her recovery comes with great promise.

Her father, Yogi, is a brother in Christ whom I had the privilege of knowing well and serving with in gospel ministry while a student at the University of Mobile.  In years past, he served as director of Waterfront Rescue Mission–an outreach focused on the homeless in the city. Most recently Yogi has been pastoring just outside Mobile at Saraland Baptist Church.

Below is a letter written be fellow friends of the Yogi that I encourage you to read.  In it, you will read about the Hannah Taylor Fund set up for those who would like to financially assist the Taylor family with the massive financial cost they will receive as a result of their baby’s medical needs.  Thank you for praying with me for baby Hannah and the entire Taylor family, and for helping in their time of need.

Dear Friends:

As most of you know Hannah Taylor, Yogi and Kelli Taylor’s daughter, on Friday underwent a serious surgery to remove a neuroblastoma tumor from her body as well as bone marrow from both hips, and samples from the lymph nodes to see if the cancer had spread.  She will be in the hospital at least ten days.

Although Yogi and Kelli have health insurance, the costs of deductibles and their part of the medical bills will be substantial (20% of the total cost).  Also with this are the costs of staying at the hospital, eating out, etc. With this in mind, a fund has been set up at Saraland Baptist Church in Saraland, Alabama where Yogi is Pastor. You can contribute to the Hannah Taylor Fund and have a real part in helping Yogi and Kelli provide the best possible care for Hannah.  Please join us in bringing glory to God by sacrificially giving to help Yogi, Kelli and Hannah in their time of need.

Most Sincerely in Christ,

Kyle Claunch
Jonathan Hill
Thad L. Key

* How to contribute *

Contributions may be made to Saraland Baptist Church with the “for” line of the check reading “Hannah Taylor Fund.”  The church’s mailing address is:

Saraland Baptist Church
P.O. Box 749
Saraland, Alabama  36571

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2 Comments on “The Hannah Taylor Fund”

  1. Andrew P. Hendon Says:


    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Wow, I’m just now reading this. Is there an update? I remember Yogi and Kelli (as well as Kyle, Thad, and Jonathan) from college.

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