Quick Hits 03.26.09

* Tonight, ABC is airing a debate on the existence of Satan where Mark Driscoll goes up against Deepak Chopra.  Here’s a video teaser.

* Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard and FoxNews Commentator, talks about church planting in the Wall Street Journal.

* A new website was created for all things Tim Keller. Basically a portal to several Keller directories on the internet. Check it out.

* Michael Spencer (iMonk) has started a discussion with the “evangelical untouchables” beginning with the question,”What Is the Gospel?”  Always interested in hearing how people answer that fundamental question.

* Dave Ferguson recently interviewed Tim Keller on church planting and movements for the Exponential Conference podcast. Every time you listen to Keller, you will learn something new. Always.

* David Platt–the preacher every seminary and conference is giving a microphone–was recently interviewed by both Southern Seminary and Baptist21.  Here are the MP3’s: SBTS | B21.

* Drew Goodmanson pointed his Twitter followers to the most popular content on his blog last year: Church Planting in a Post-Christian U.S.

* Here is a podcast (MP3) interview of Francis Chan from Catalyst focusing on adoption, social justice, and the poor.

* The Summit Church (SendRDU actually) recently posted the audio from Ed Stetzer’s talk, “Pitfalls in Planting: What We and Others Do that Undermine the Work and How to Avoid Them” (MP3).

* The Kentucky Baptist Convention and Campbellsville University is sponsoring a “Missional Church Planting” conference on May 11-14, 2009 at Sojourn Community Church. Ed Stetzer will be the keynote speaker.

* Here is a Google Map locating all of the Acts 29 churches to date. I’d be interested in comparing that with where evangelical churches are most densely populated.

* Justin Childers offers a few suggestions on how not to waste your Easter.

* Watch a video interview of Mark Driscoll talking to Matt Chandler of all that is happening at The Village Church.

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3 Comments on “Quick Hits 03.26.09”

  1. Timmy,

    I created the Google Map of the Acts 29 Churches. I’m working on an overlay with the Pew Forum on Religion’s Religious Landscape survey

  2. Gavin Says:


    A recently launched Acts 29 affiliated church, Branch Life Church, was planted in downtown Birmingham. I know Johnny (the pastor), and he wanted to plant a church where the gospel had little influence, so he went downtown where there are almost entirely liberal mainline churches.

    To answer your question, there are very few evangelical churches in that particular area (I can only think of one other).


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