Steve Camp Addresses Mark Driscoll . . . in Repentance

“[M]y heart was not right towards my brother in Christ. I should have been more gracious, charitable and balanced in my words when commenting about his ministry in the Lord. In my zeal to champion reformed biblical theology which I deeply believe, I was blinded to the prideful log in my own eye while blogging about the speck in my brother’s eye. For this, I sincerely ask the readers of this blog and those associated with Mark and Mars Hill Church to please forgive me. I have already asked this of Mark privately and he has been most kind to extend to me a heart of mercy. It is my desire to always speak the truth in love and to not carelessly amputate another in that process.”

– Steve Camp [Source]

Thank you, Steve, for displaying gospel humility and seeking to promote the unity for which Christ prayed and died.  May the kingdom of Christ advance as we channel our energies on proclaiming, commending, and defending the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

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5 Comments on “Steve Camp Addresses Mark Driscoll . . . in Repentance”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I quit reading Steve Camp’s blog after seeing his attacks on Driscoll. Not that I haven’t raised my eyebrows from time to time at things coming from Mark, but due to the venom that was displayed. I also commend Steve for this confession, and I will now go back and re-subscribe to his blog.

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  3. Dave Miller Says:

    Like Jerry, I engaged Steve on his blog about the way he spoke of Mark Driscoll. I am so impressed by the humility that Steve Camp displayed in expressing repentance for his words.

    I am more used to bloggers who set their feet in cement and refuse to back down no matter what.

    thank you, Steve Camp, for this godly, humble spirit.

  4. Very nice to see, who crucial it is to not be wrong even if we are right. How frightening that while we may very well be making a solid critique and giving needed warnings we could be doing it in spite, or maliciously. It’s like shouting out ‘repentance’ to men, but not truly desiring their repentance. Hypocritical judging has everything to do with intent, let us beware of correcting those we couldn’t care less (or would not rejoice) if they changed!
    I rarely read other blogs, read several by Camp on Driscoll-also the comments made to his repentance and some brought up Phil Johnson’s message at the shepherds conf. I think Phil is quite different because there was certainly an overarching theme to his message (the glory of God, the high calling of a minister, and the unneccesary burdens put upon preachers that are told what they need or have to do in order to reach people).

  5. […] have learned via Timmy Brister that Steve has now apologized. That is where I had failed in addressing these things concerning […]

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