Why Are You Hopeful About the SBC?

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with 13 brothers along with Dr. David Dockery to talk about the gospel, SBC, and the future.  I was really excited to see what was originally a meet up with some old friends turn into such a fruitful and encouraging time of gathering a solid group of guys with Dr. Dockery to share our hearts and speak candidly about  important matters ranging from burdens to blessings.  As we began talking, I realized that I should be recording some of the comments of my brothers, and I only captured the last four, namely Ben Dockery, Nathan Akin, Trevin Wax, and Jedidiah Coppenger–concluded with a strong word of encouragement by Dr. Dockery.

The restaurant obviously was not well lit, so the video quality leaves something to be desired, but nonetheless, I thought I’d share a portion of last night’s discussion as each person took a moment to answer the question, “Why are you hopeful, or, what do you find encouraging right now about the SBC?”

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2 Comments on “Why Are You Hopeful About the SBC?”

  1. Ken Nichols Says:

    Timmy, that was a great thing to experience. What is exciting to me, is I know there were probably hundreds of similar conversations happening around Louisville that week. These truly are great and encouraging times for Gospel proclamation and Kingdom advancement.

  2. matthewcthomas Says:

    Thanks a lot…I’m 23 and about to begin seminary, and I’m so excited!

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