The Gospel-Centered Life by Thune & Walker

“Gospel-centered” is something I whole-hearted believe in yet realize has become all the rave in recent years.  I recently mentioned that Jonathan Dodson is coming out with a pamphlet called Fight Club: Gospel-Centered Discipleship, and today I want to direct your attention to a study authored by Bob Thune and Will Walker called The Gospel Centered Life.  This is a nine-lesson study intended to shape “gospel DNA” in the church “in a way that is accessible to both Christians and non-Christians.”  These nine lessons are developed around three themes:

1.  “What is the Gospel?”
2.  “What does the Gospel do in us?” and
3.  “How does the Gospel work through us?”

The authors add that the study is “intended to help Christians understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of life and conduct.”  The study’s advantage is its flexibility, ideal for such groups as:

  • Pastors and leaders who want to spur gospel renewal in their churches and ministries
  • Church planters who want to form gospel DNA in the churches they start
  • Students and campus ministers who are looking to live out the gospel on campus
  • Christians who want to be more deeply formed around the gospel
  • Small group leaders who are looking for content that “works” with diverse groups of people
  • Missionaries who are looking for simple material to disciple new Christians

The format of the study includes Bible conversation, article (the teaching content of lesson), group discussion, exercises (practical application), and wrap up.  Here are the nine lessons from the Table of Contents:

  1. The Gospel Grid
  2. Pretending and Performing
  3. Believing the Gospel
  4. Law and Gospel
  5. Repentance
  6. Heart Idolatry
  7. Mission
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Conflict

World Harvest Mission is currently making a review copy of the Leader’s Guide available for free (PDF version) when you sign up for their newsletter.  The offer expires July 31, 2009.  I encourage you to check it out.

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4 Comments on “The Gospel-Centered Life by Thune & Walker”

  1. Thanks for the review and the heads up on the pdf.

  2. Patric Knaak Says:

    Hey Timmy,
    Thanks for the great review and recommendation! Thanks too for the other gospel-centered posts you’ve been putting up–very encouraging!

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  4. […] friend Josh Cousineau.  This is the second year, and the main speakers were Bob Thune (author of The Gospel Centered Life) and Bill Streger. Jared Wilson also shared about gospel wakefulness in breakout sessions.  What I […]

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