You Might NOT be Gospel-Centered if . . .

you are Ignatius and your ministry looks something like this.

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3 Comments on “You Might NOT be Gospel-Centered if . . .”

  1. Dave Miller Says:

    That was disturbing. Insightful, but truly disturbing.

  2. Bill Nettles Says:

    I love the quick pic near 1:23 with the missing “f”. Also, I was associated with someone who thought the “cool” personality was the key to effective ministry. Yes, it ended in disaster. Sigh.

  3. I’d like to think that I would have not let him on the stage after that introduction, but he would have been kicked off after that bit with the Bible. I knew a now defunct mission organization that taught the teens who worked the summer with them that they weren’t capable of understanding the Bible at their age. Wrong answer.

    My own kids get to wrestle with the tough issues now even before they’re teens. We’ve taken a detour through Luke right now, but after we get done we’re picking back up where we left off in the Pentateuch with Numbers. This is when they need to be taught the full weight of the scriptures, not later after the pattern of the world has already been normalized in their lives.

    I know this was a dramatized caricature, but seeing sour milk like this sets my teeth on edge.

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