Gospel Transformation Series via Bob Thune

Bob Thune, lead pastor of Coram Deo Church in Omaha, NE, spoke at a college retreat a few years back on the subject of gospel transformation.  In the five messages, Bob shows “why the gospel is not just the means of entry into God’s kingdom, but also the key to ongoing spiritual transformation.”  I encourage you to download the MP3’s and consider how the gospel impacts everything in our lives.

The Problem of the Gospel
The Power of the Gospel
The Purpose of the Gospel
The Practice of the Gospel
The Freedom of the Gospel

For more great preaching on the gospel, check out David Platt’s sermons as well.

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One Comment on “Gospel Transformation Series via Bob Thune”

  1. Robert I Masters Says:

    Sorry here is the post I meant to place it on….too many compiz cube flips!

    Timmy Brister,
    Wondering if you know that Bob Thune has a father who is named Bob Thune, a great preacher in omaha an indian wells, Ca.
    Acts 29 Bob Thune is also the nephew of Senator John Thune from South Dakota.

    Robert I Masters
    From the Southern Baptist Geneva

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