The Church has been under-fathered and over-mothered.

Matt Redman has some good words about romantic language in worship songs.

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4 Comments on “The Church has been under-fathered and over-mothered.”

  1. Thomas Clay Says:

    I posted this comment at Bob Kauflin’s site:

    We are all dealing with, to a certain extent, Christian songs that are being written with a broader market base in mind. In other words, more and more “industry” people are looking for songs that non-believers can also sing/listen to with their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse in mind so that it will sell more. Thus, the language in songs has become more and more vague. I don’t mean to throw everyone “under the bus” on this. All I’m saying is that we must have great biblical knowledge and great discernment in our repertoire selections. I constantly ask myself in looking at songs this question: Does this song I’m considering, so unmistakeably declare biblical truths about Christ that it would be difficult to sing it to/about anyone else?

    To be honest, we don’t lead songs at our church that uses the phrase “in love”. We do a couple that refers to Christ as “beautiful” but it is certainly not the bulk of our statements that we make.

  2. Bill Nettles Says:

    This is thought provoking in a good way. I really like Thomas Clay’s statement in his comment at the end of para. 1. That’s an important question. I also think that it’s a question many preachers should ask themselves while preparing their sermons.

  3. Pregador27 Says:

    Hmm… Never realzed that Matt Redman is not an American. I never knew that. Didn’t pick it up in his singing either. Good point here though. I do not think I ever liked the “Jesus is my girlfriend” approach in worship or in any type of Christian music.

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