LEAD09 – Gospel | Community | Mission

Lead09If you have frequented Christian conferences in the past, especially large ones, you will recognize that they are normally situated in predominately churched cities such as Atlanta, Louisville, Nashville, Orlando, Dallas, etc.  Well, I want to draw your attention to the LEAD09 Conference coming up this fall, not merely because of the great speakers but also the fact it is in a pioneering region where there is a great need for church planting and gospel labor.

LEAD09 will take place on the weekend of October 9-10 in Auburn, Maine (I know, it’s hard for me to type the word Auburn being the kind of Bama fan that I am), and the focus of the conference is threefold: gospel, community, and mission.  Here’s how they describe it on their website:

LEAD09 is designed to challenge your beliefs about what the church is and what it means to be called as a follower of Jesus. The modern church needs a moment to examine itself. It is time to ask pertinent questions about our ways. Are you ready to engage yourself in understanding the role of the church in your life, your culture and your world? Are you willing to take the challenge to live sacrificially for the sake of Jesus and his Kingdom?  With the main theme of “gospel | community | mission” Lead09 is open to people of all ages. We are excited to see the Church come together for Lead09, with people from high school to retired pastors; college students to pastors; lay leaders to paid staff. Lead09 strives to not only talk about community, but display it.

If you are in the New England area, this is a conference you will not want to miss, but I don’t want to limit the encouragement to those within a reasonable drive-time.  If you register by September 18, the cost for the conference is a reasonable $75, so be sure to check it out.  Having the opportunity to learn from men like Tim Chester and Jonathan Dodson will be invaluable to your ministry.  Here’s the conference schedule and topics Chester and Dodson will be addressing.

Friday – October 9th

12:30 : Welcome
12:40 : Gathered Worship
01:00 : Tim Chester – Session #1 Making God’s People the Heart of God’s Mission
03:00 : Tim Chester –  Session #2 Community as Lifestyle
05:00 : Jonathan Dodson. Session #3 The Three Conversions of the Gospel
06:30 : Dinner [maps & discounts of area restaurants will be available]
08:00 : Breakout Session – [4 to be offered TBD]

Saturday – October 10th

9:00 : Welcome – Gathered Worship
9:30 : Tim Chester Session #4 Making God’s Mission the Heart of God’s People
11:00 : Jonathan Dodson Session #5 Structuring Church for Gospel-centered Community
12:30 : Lunch [maps & discounts of area restaurants will be available]
02:00 : Breakout [4 to be offered TBD]
03:00 : Jonathan Dodson Session #6 Identities of a Missional Disciple
05:00 : Tim Chester – Session #7 – Mission as Lifestyle [this final session will be open free to the public]


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