Leadership Retreat Feedback

This past week, the pastors of Grace hunkered down for three days for our leadership retreat.  Just a couple of days out of it, the meetings are still fresh on my mind.  I think we all agreed that it was really productive, but I also believe it can always improve and be done better.

I am convinced of the importance of such retreats for personal renewal, team building, ministry assessment, and vision casting (among others).  Conferences are good to aid in some of this, but they are no replacement for a retreat that deals directly and comprehensively on the local church and the men called to serve in a leadership capacity.

Below is the template I created and that we ran with this past week (I stripped it down to remove details).  I am providing it to get your thoughts, suggestions, examples, or any other ideas on this matter.  I want to serve my fellow pastors and church at large by helping us develop the best retreats possible in the future.  Any feedback you’d be willing to provide is great appreciated, and if you would care to share docs, you can email me at timmybrister[at]gmail[dot]com.

Monday: Church DNA

9:00AM    Devotion and Prayer
10:00AM  The Big Picture
11:30AM   Lunch
1:00PM    Church Leadership
2:30PM    Church Administration
4:00PM    Church Constitution
5:30PM    Dinner and Fellowship with Wives
7:30PM    Movie Night

Tuesday: Church Gathered

9:00AM    Devotion and Prayer
10:00AM  Morning Worship
11:30AM   Lunch
1:00PM    Ministries of Church Gathered
2:30PM    Systems and Processes of Church Gathered
4:00PM    Hispanic Ministries
5:30PM    Dinner and Fellowship
7:30PM    Bowling Night

Wednesday: Church Scattered

9:00AM    Devotion and Prayer
10:00AM  Grace Community Groups
11:30AM   Lunch
1:00PM    Evangelism and Missions
2:30PM    Church Planting
4:00PM    Pray and Leave

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One Comment on “Leadership Retreat Feedback”

  1. Tom Hicks Says:

    Hey Tim, we do a bi-annual retreat:

    Day 1: Strengths/Weaknesses. This is an analysis of all our past and current ministries.

    Day 2 (part 1): Vision. From the analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, in light of Scripture, and our church’s calling, we dream about the future.

    Day 2 (part 2): Calendaring. We put specific dates on the calendar.

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