Our Adoption in Christ – New T4A e-Book

A couple of weeks ago, our friends over at Together for Adoption (T4A) published their first e-book called Our Adoption in Christ: What It Means for Us and for Orphans. They write:

This book was written to equip churches theologically in the areas of orphan care and earthly adoption. We believe that robust theology produces robust action. So, our writing objective was to put the gospel at the center of the global orphan crisis. If the church is to be mobilized to care for 143 million orphaned and vulnerable children, then the gospel must be the main thing. Our prayer is that God will use this brief book to equip and empower churches to serve orphans.

Below is the table of contents, and I encourage you to not only download this e-book but also check out their many resources, including the audio from the recent T4A Conference.

1.   The Prodigal’s Suspicion and the Global Orphan Crisis (Dan Cruver)
2.  Adoption in God’s Story of Redemption (Dan Cruver)
3.  Glorifying the Father of the Fatherless (Jason Kovacs)
4.  The Cosmic Significance of Adoption (Dan Cruver)
5.  Creating A Culture of Adoption in Your Church (Jason Kovacs)

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