The Biblical Gospel and Its Social Implications

James MacDonald rejects the Social Gospel but embraces the social implications of the biblical gospel:

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One Comment on “The Biblical Gospel and Its Social Implications”

  1. G F McDowell Says:

    About the term social gospel, I’ve only heard it used as a term to describe churches that preach that particular form of false gospel. I think it is a useful and valid term for describing that particular form of false gospel.

    Do false gospels exist? Yes, and we rightly call them false. Does the social gospel exist? Yes, and we must denounce it as false whenever we get the chance. I appreciate his idea of social implications of the true gospel, but I feel like there might be an implied “necessary” when he uses the phrase “social implications”. I’m a little leery of discussing benevolent ministries without stating the priority of benevolent ministries. We are called upon to do good to all men, but first of all to those who are of the faith. Too often the primacy of the economic and social needs within the Church is ignored in these discussions.

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