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Yesterday morning, my wife and I took our 10-month-old son to the hospital to have tubes put into his ears.  He has had ear infections since mid-January, and over the course of the past three months fluid has continued to develop and worsen in his little ears.  From the testimony of others we are hopeful that this procedure will cause a dramatic difference in his health and sleep (and our sleep as well!).

Another exciting first was big brother’s first spend-the-night as a result of the early procedure.  From what I was told, Nolan was walking around the Ascol house, calling out “Oh Pastor Tom!” in his high pitched voice. Nolan is still working that John Deere tractor around the house like a man on a mission. The only thing that seems to be stopping him is the battery life and occasional shrub action.

The 2010 Band of Bloggers is right around the corner, and next week I will be revealing all the little goodies each attender will be receiving.  There is still room, though it is filling up fast.  I will go ahead and say it here first that each person will walk away with over $200 in books/resources. But shhh, that’s our little secret. Register now!

On the Grace front, we are voting on the continued development of our community group emphasis by providing more structure for sharing life together and learning to live as missionaries in our own communities.  Over the past five months, we have seen considerable growth in attendance (50% increase) and are working heard to develop a more effective process for assimilation and follow-up of those who are being engaged with the gospel.  Please pray for us if you think about it.

There’s so much more random stuff to mention, but it’ll have to wait for another week.  May the grace of God abound to you through the triumphant work of Jesus on the cross and in your heart.

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