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Three BIG areas of my thinking, writing, and ministry exist on the axis of gospel, community, and mission.  So when I discovered the GCM Collective, I was very eager to get on board and learn from others who, like myself, have given themselves to them.  The GCM Collective exists to promote, create and equip Gospel Communities on mission. By a “gospel community” they mean “a group of believers that lives out the mission of God together as family, in a specific area to a particular people group, by declaring and demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms.”  In other words, regular people, living ordinary lives, with great gospel intentionality.

To join the GCM Collective, you simply need to provide your email address, and you will receive instructions on how to create your profile and jump into the discussions.  Speaking of discussions, you can browse such groups as:

» Bible Teaching in Missional Church
» City Renewal
» Community Life
» Everyday Mission
» Fostering a Missional Culture
» Gospel Resources for Missional Church
» Missional Exegesis & Theology
» Planting Missional Churches
» Role: Missional Community Leader
» Transitioning to Missional Church
» World Mission

In each group there are discussion threads on particular topics, some of them having downloadable resources for your benefit.  For instance, I am currently reading through the docs on missional community leader from Soma Communities, Kaleo Church, and Austin City Life for our leadership development here at Grace.  Really good stuff.

Although I do not post that often on the GCM Collective, I am learning on a daily basis from the likes of Tim Chester, Drew Goodmanson, Jonathan Dodson, and many others.  I encourage you to check it out, especially if you are a church planter or leading a missional church.

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