2010 Band of Bloggers Rewind – YouTube Clips

My good friend Tony Kummer surprised me by capturing video of the 2010 Band of Bloggers via his Flip and has posted them in 10 separate clips on YouTube.  A complete video will hopefully be available soon.

Here are the clips in order of the meeting . . .


Jared Wilson – Idolatry as Identity

Justin Taylor – Idolatry and Kingdom Building

Trevin Wax – Idolatry as Covetousness (vs. Contentment)

Jonathan McIntosh – Idolatry as Internet Slavery

Panel Discussion Part 1

Panel Discussion Part 2

Panel Discussion Part 3

Panel Discussion Part 4

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5 Comments on “2010 Band of Bloggers Rewind – YouTube Clips”

  1. […] Speaking of blogging: the Band of Bloggers gathering at T4G was captured on video and […]

  2. Thanks for sharing these videos for us folks who did not have the time (or $$) to make it to Louisville.

    Much appreciated.

  3. […] Timmy Brister has video from Tony Kummer from Band of Bloggers.  The event was really fun and typically well-done.  I continue to submit that it is strange that no one live-blogged it.  It’s like going to a conference on tables without any tables… […]

  4. Blog envy Says:

    […] Wax talking about covet­ous­ness in blog­ging at the 2010 Band of Bloggers meeting at the T4G […]

  5. […] Wax talking about covetousness in blogging at the 2010 Band of Bloggers meeting at the T4G […]

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