Affirming the Acts 29 Network at the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting (or Teamwork Will Make the Dream Work)

During the three hour drive to Orlando for the 2010 SBC Annual Meeting, Josh Shank, Charlie Mitchell, and I began to think what contribution we can make to the business meeting.  Should we try to punk the SBC?  Nah, too controversial.  How about making a motion expressing appreciation and affirmation for the investment of the Acts 29 Network for their work in planting gospel-centered churches in the SBC?  Yeah, that’ll work.

So beat-boxing phenom Josh labored to help drain the hatorade so many of our elder generation of SBCers have been drinking with this little rap.  It isn’t much, but it is history making.  If you don’t believe me, just look at what the chief parliamentarian Barry McCarty tweeted to Josh the other day:

Below are the two videos of the historic motion.  To read the text of Josh’s motion, click here (what he read from at mic #6).  The first is from the video recording. The second is the one I took with Josh’s iPhone.  Though this is the first rapped out motion, it will not be the last.  Enjoy!

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9 Comments on “Affirming the Acts 29 Network at the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting (or Teamwork Will Make the Dream Work)”

  1. Freddy Says:

    Brilliant, gentlemen! I love it. Wish I would have seen it live. I imagine the reaction from some was priceless. Thanks for showing appreciation for a great network.

  2. That is great stuff!

  3. Chris Donato Says:

    I would’ve preferred rocknroll, but rap will do!

    Seriously, though, if the problem centers on a deep suspicion of Calvinism and its preceived connection to Acts29, then what “free will” Baptist worth his salt will want to play on that team?

  4. Chris Donato Says:

    I should add: But until then, keep rapping!

  5. david Says:


    I have seen your rappin skills in Solomon’s Porch. My question is why were you not the point man on this one? 🙂

    • Sneaky Dave,

      Well, I am a little rusty. And Josh was supposed to beat box right before “at” – something that I can’t do (at least not as good as he does it). He got nervous and forgot to add that flavor. Two other things we prepared to say was “stop drinking the hatorade” and conclude it with some shout outs (like “Johnny keep it huntin”).

      I will, however, be practicing for next year. We will have to top this no doubt!

  6. This is great! Thanks for posting

  7. Nicely done. I loved watching the reactions from passersby in the background (even the moderator[s] sounded like they got a chuckle out of it).

    Now the big question: how long until some of the TR guys declare that you’ve abandoned the gospel for this?

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