“Bring It Back” – The Series

Over the past month, I have posted a 12-part series at the PLNTD Network website explaining the vision and direction of the new church planting initiative.  In the coming months, we plant to turn this series into a downloadable e-booklet, but for those who may have not seen them, I thought I’d post the links here. Starting in July, we will be developing the four narratives/threads for the blog as well as shout outs, book reviews, and developing our resource page.  Lots of developments taking place in the coming weeks and months.  If you are down with planting churches that are confessional, missional, and baptistic, then I think you’ll be interested. To stay connected, be sure to follow PLNTD on Twitter and Facebook and sign up for the e-newsletter.

The “Bring It Back” Series

1.  Forwarding Church Planting Through the Local Church
2.  A Heritage Worth Remembering and Retrieving
3.  The Great Commission and Church Planting
4.  Church Planting and Corporate Renewal
5.  Why a Baptist Church Planting Network
6.  Resourcing, Relationships, and Residency
7.  A Grassroots GCR: Church Planting for All Churches
8.  Providence and Passion: A Generational Resurgence
9.  Churches Planting Churches
10. Confessional and Missional
11. Praying for a Word-Driven, Spirit-Empowered Movement
12. I Will Build My Church

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7 Comments on ““Bring It Back” – The Series”

  1. Matt Svoboda Says:


    As I have told you before, I am excited to be a part of this network in whatever way I can. I am starting to Replant a church in August and I think PLNTD could be a huge help for me.

    This is in no way a big deal, but why do you say “Baptistic” instead of simply Baptist. Confessional, Missional, and Baptist? I am just curious.

    Thanks for the links.

    Also, while I enjoy the links and blog, how does one actually “get involved” with the PLNTD network? How does the network actually function in helping Planters and Replanters to connect, encourage, and learn from one another?

    • Matt,

      I don’t mean to be nuanced in baptistic with baptist, unless you have specifically in mind that distinguishes the two.

      As far as getting involved with PLNTD, we are asking people to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and then to sign up for the e-newsletter. This is simply for assimilation and communication purposes. From there, we are hoping to launch relational communities in the next 3-4 weeks where there will be more involvement within the network. More details forthcoming. The specifics of the functioning of the network will be laid out within the relational communities in the coming weeks. Sorry for not being able to give you a more detailed response at this time.

      The “launch” of the network is coming out in three stages, and the resourcing part with the website is just the first phase. When all three parts are launched, I think you will have a full picture of what we hope to accomplish with the network.

      • Matt Svoboda Says:


        Thanks for the response. I am now signing up for the newsletter. I already follow on Twitter and Facebook. I am looking forward to being connected with a relational community!

        Thanks again Tim. I feel like I am “all alone” here in Kearney, Nebraska and I was hoping to have a network that I could believe in and that I could find a place of involvement. Then, PLNTD arrived. I appreciate your work.

  2. volfan007 Says:


    I pray that everything is going well with your daughter, I believe it was. I’m praying that God will give yall extra grace during this time. When a child is sick, it can be a very scary, painful thing. May God bring healing.


  3. volfan007 Says:


    What happened with your child? I never saw what happened? I hope everythings okay, and that she’s back home in the arms of her mom and dad.

    God bless,

    David Worley

    • David,

      Our son Aiden is doing better and receiving breathing treatments for his asthma and antiobiotics/steroids for his pneumonia. Thank you for inquiring about our son and praying for him.

      Grace and peace,

      Tim Brister

  4. volfan007 Says:

    I’m very glad that he’s okay. I prayed for him, and for yall.


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