New Edition of Operation World Coming This October

I first caught wind of this while breezing through Twitter updates and confirmed it on Amazon.  Operation World is coming out with a new edition this October.  While I have been grateful for the directional prayer this book has offered in years past, I have become especially fond of it since coming to Grace as I have share with our congregation each week ways to pray for a particular nation and the work of the gospel among the people groups.  It is so important that Christians in the West have a global mindset and guard against myopic vision that we can easily succumb to.  I look forward to picking up this 7th edition of one of the most significant tools for gospel advance in the world today.

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2 Comments on “New Edition of Operation World Coming This October”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered my copy today. I’ve always wanted to own this book but hadn’t yet made the purchase – now I can have the current right off the press.

  2. Wale Says:

    I believe that this powerful tool will torch and affect many lifes for Chirst and may eventully usher the return of the King(Jesus Christ)

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