We need church planters who will love Jesus with abandon

A quote followed by some prayers (via Twitter) by Scotty Smith, pastor of Christ Community Church (Nashville) for all you church planters out there:

“There is no commitment we will make as church planters of greater importance than living close to Jesus.  For church planting can become an idol factory; a prostitution ring; a cruel taskmaster; a breeding ground for addictions… we need church planters who will love Jesus with abandon, and who cultivate a lifestyle of growing in His grace and knowledge.  Until you know yourself to be slow of heart to believe the gospel, you will never cultivate a burning heart for the gospel.  Churches planted with the DNA of the gospel will be led by those who live a life of gospel astonishment.”

Jesus, we thank you for hard-soil church planters who labor so hard with little observable fruit. Increase their tribe.

Jesus, free church planters to be more committed to faithfulness that obsessed with fruitfulness. You will grow your church.

Jesus, may the marriages of church planters thrive not dive because of everything involved in this costly calling.

Jesus, free church planters from the Peter syndrome, “What about John?” Death by comparison.

Jesus, infect the current & coming generations of church planters with an incurable case of gospel astonishment.

Father, help church planters be less proud of their creative strategies and more prostrate before your exalted Son.

Jesus, may new church plants swell by conversion growth, not just by disgruntled transfer growth.

Jesus, raise up church planters who see you everywhere in the Bible and lost people everywhere in the community.

Jesus, give church planters the thick skin and big hearts they’ll need to serve you with abandon today.

Jesus, help church planters in the same city be notorious for mutual encouragement and gospelicious cross pollinating.

Jesus, may the gospel be so real in the homes of church planters the kids will never wish their parents did anything else.

Jesus, multiply the loaves and fishes of church planters everywhere today. Feed the nations through new church plants!

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One Comment on “We need church planters who will love Jesus with abandon”

  1. elizer alinio Says:

    I am a church planter using livelihood program in reaching the community through Natural Farming Technology System. We don’t use chemical and pesticides.

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