Missional Made Simple

Yeah, yeah, I know. Missional is a buzz word that everybody uses but rarely defines.  If missional church is hard to define, then missional community can be even more difficult to understand (and distinguish from your typical small groups).

Insert these two little videos, which I think provide an accurate and fair assessment of missional church and missional communities.  Check them out.

Missional Church Made Simple

Missional Community Made Simple

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One Comment on “Missional Made Simple”

  1. Paul Brown Says:

    I like both videos, but I don’t really see the community aspect in the second video. My understanding of “missional community” would be that not just Bob but his whole “missional community” would be on mission together. There is definitely a place for Bob’s individual mission to the model airplane club, but we don’t see how it clearly integrates with the community on mission. Nonetheless, the video really illustrates well what can happen when a church is committed to programs as the way to grow and win people in Christ.

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