Illumining the Four Gospels

I find this simply fascinating.  And I find this really encouraging that Crossway would take up such a cool project.  Makoto Fujimura has illuminated The Four Holy Gospels, being the first person in the 400 year history of the King James Bible to have an illumined book of the four Gospels.  Fujimura is known for his use of traditional Japanese Nihonga techniques and his passion for reconnecting Christian faith with fine art. Editions of The Four Holy Gospels will be available January 31, 2011. An exhibition of the works featured in The Four Holy Gospels will take place from December 9 through January 9 at the Dillon Gallery in New York City.

Check out this video which explains more:

I can’t wait to get my own copy!

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One Comment on “Illumining the Four Gospels”

  1. Jim Pemberton Says:

    I saw this, but my excitement is a bit tempered. I had expressed my concerns on my own blog, but in summary the statements made by the commentators characterize Fujimura’s work on this as him saying, “this is who I am” (approx 5:11).

    The title is also troubling, seeming to indicate that the art illumines the scripture. Rather for Christians it should be that the art doesn’t reveal human artists or even the scripture, but rather that scripture illumines the art and art points to scripture as the revelation of God. Inasmuch as artists feel confined by this distinction (approx 2:50), then they have not submitted to the Great Artist in whom they will find true artistic freedom. Any other freedom is illusory.

    As it is, I’m a bit of an artist myself and I well appreciate the use of aesthetics to communicate. I can paint, but I’m primarily a musician. So I don’t write as one who has no knowledge of these things. My concern is for the revelation of God in all His glory above all else.

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