What Every Unbeliever Needs to Hear

Every unbeliever needs someone who will lovingly tell them the truth about a real God, a real hell . . . and real atonement found in the cross of Jesus Christ.

HT :: Trevin Wax

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4 Comments on “What Every Unbeliever Needs to Hear”

  1. David Miller Says:

    That was some powerful TV.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jacob Vanhorn, Jeremy Weaver. Jeremy Weaver said: A post I liked: What Every Unbeliever Needs to Hear: Every unbeliever needs someone who will lovingly tell them … http://bit.ly/i9ZamI […]

  3. Jim Pemberton Says:

    I remember seeing this when it first aired. It always amazes me when Hollywood inadvertently gets something right. It speaks to how evident the truth even to those who would otherwise deny it. Ironically, the same course of action is suggested by both this scene and the fact that unbelievers would air it; namely, that we can’t be chintzy with the truth.

  4. The great deception of the age is reported as being so clever as to even fool the elect. Somehow the perception exists that anything goes paganism is being described. Oh not so. I saw the comment that Hollywood got it right. Not so, this is the deception. Religious self efforts and self righteousness is the dividing line. Either Father so loved the world that He sent His Son that we might be saved or we will achieve our self arrived salvation. If good church behavior and charitable deeds earned one into heaven we would not have needed a Saviour. Once again Holly wood and the world are not anti God they are anti Christ. Instead of Christ we will earn our forgiveness through good deeds, through service, through good works. Paul called this the minastry of death. All these things are good, if and only if they occur as fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is love, charity, hope but thee vary same works of the human is death. It would not be such a spiritual deception if it did not so closely resemble the absolute truth. Christ and only Christ is our wisdom, our righteousness, our salvation, our self control, our giver of Grace. ALL other path hover beautiful they appear is the ministry of death. Remember the power of sin is the law but there is no condemnation to those whom reside in Christ Jesus. Nothing but the blood will transfigure our sinful self into the righteousness of God. Only Mercy. Only Grace. The deception will look like it is right but lean not upon your own understanding.

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