Let’s Tell Them!

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3 Comments on “Let’s Tell Them!”

  1. Brent Hobbs Says:

    great clip. Thank God for Mark’s clarity.

  2. Amen to what Mark Driscoll says here. And we must tell them even if they don’t believe.

    I was on the street distributing Bibles in Arabic to Muslims when I was approached by a Jewish man who asked what I was doing. He was a little skeptical if what we were doing was helpful for anything, but largely appreciated that we were trying to do something.

    Then he asked me about himself. He asked if I thought he would go to hell if he didn’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah. My answer was a quick and certain yes. He then became very irate and cursed me. It’s interesting to me that he would condemn me for telling him what he thought I merely believed to be the truth about his present condemned status. I’m not offended by his curse because I know he doesn’t have the weight of truth behind it. But I’d tell him the same thing again because I don’t merely believe it to be true, but the Holy Spirit testifies to me and I know the gospel of Jesus to be true.

    But we should be willing to speak thus, and consistently, in the face of all manner of rejection for it lends a sense of credibility to the message. “He says the same thing even though his life is in peril. There might be something to the gospel after all.”

  3. […] can comment below, or link to this permanent URL from your own […]

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