Dever, Platt, and Mohler on Church Planting and the SBC

IX Marks hosted a panel discussion at the 2011 SBC Annual Meeting where Mark Dever sat down with David Platt and Albert Mohler to talk about the state of the SBC, church planting, and the Cooperative Program.  Check it.

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One Comment on “Dever, Platt, and Mohler on Church Planting and the SBC”

  1. Good discussion. Two mostly unrelated things that caught my attention:

    First are the older churches that are suffering while new churches are being planted. Many of these older churches, at least in my area, seem to be suffering from tensions between people who look for reforms of substance and those who most desire to retain stylistic trappings. It would be a tremendous ministry to refine a view of this pattern (I’m sure there’s more to it than I know about) and develop theological teaching and methodology for helping older churches deal with this.

    Second is related to the changes in CP giving. It seems that such things as church planting and the relative conservative orthodoxy that SB churches typically offer to those jumping ship from other denominations that are sinking under the rising tide of liberalism have generated an influx of new members (like myself) who have not been raised in the SBC, I wonder the extent that this trend has affected CP giving patterns.

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