50¢ Word(s) of the Week, Part 12

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I started a new series on Twitter several months ago, called “50¢ Word(s) of the Day”.  Here’s the twelth installment from this past week:

Mondayimitatio Christi » imitation of Christ (a central theme in Christian piety & spirituality)

Tuesdayira dei » the wrath of God against sin (a function of the iustitia Dei, the righteousness of God)

Wednesdaytentatio » trial, affliction, temptation (intended to test & strengthen a believer’s faith & obedience)

Thursdaytheanthropos » God-man (Latin, Deus-homo)

Friday: una persona geminae substantiae » one person of two substances (standard patristic Christological formula)

Saturdayin carne / in gratia / in gloria » in the flesh, in grace, in glory (referring to the three advents of Christ)

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