Hurricane Irene, Mercy in Models, and Mobilizing Disaster Relief

I live in a part of the country very familiar with hurricanes (southwest Florida).  Because of where we live, we have houses fit with metal storm shutters, elevated lots, and houses secured by cinder block from the ground to the ceiling.  This is not so for many places that are not considered to be primary targets of hurricanes from the Caribbean.  Like the Northeast.

My good friend Winfield Bevins is pastor of Church of the Outer Banks in Nags Head, NC.  From all projections, the eye of Hurricane Irene has the Outer Banks of North Carolina the bull’s eye (here is where Church of the Outer Banks meets).  Irene is expected to land Sunday morning either as a category 2 or category 3 hurricane, bringing heavy wind and rain.

Unlike tornadoes that pop up rather unexpectedly, hurricanes can provide those seeking to help those worst affected opportunity to strategize and mobilize before the storm hits.  I don’t know how many readers I have in the NC, SC, GA, TN area of the country, but the advanced warning system and computer-generated projections are a mercy and gift of God’s common grace for those seeking to embrace the need that will undoubtedly arise no later than Monday morning.

The 3-4 day notice that disaster relief workers are afforded is critical to the gathering of resources and supplies, mobilizing volunteer workers, and strategic planning on the best course of action.  Those not affected directly by Hurricane Irene Sunday morning should be affected indirectly Thursday night.  Let us pray not only for those being hit by the storm Sunday but also those making plans right now to serve and give themselves in the relief and recovery work that is to come.

And if you can go, I encourage you to contact the Church of the Outer Banks and my friend Winfield.  That church is a great beacon of gospel light in word and deed to the outer banks of NC.

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