2012 Band of Bloggers | An Underestimated Resurgence

Registration is now open for the 2012 Band of Bloggers fellowship. It’s a nice time at the biannual Together for the Gospel conference to connect with fellow brothers and sisters, many of whom we may only know online.

Here are the details:

What: 2012 Band of Bloggers: An Underestimated Resurgence

When: Tuesday, April 10th, 11:00AM

Where: Legacy Hotel (on campus of Southern Seminary)

Who: Tim Challies | Justin Taylor | Kevin DeYoung | Collin Hansen | Tim Brister | Owen Strachan

Food: Lunch is provided.

Cost: Registration is only $15 this year. Seated is especially limited. Register early because they will likely have to shut down registration before the event.

Books: They are being compiled at the moment! More info coming soon.


Six years ago, two movements began to gain significant traction-blogging and the young, restless, and reformed. Additionally, 2006 was the inauguration of the Band of Bloggers fellowship, and since that time God has brought gospel rental in many ways to evangelical life, including the development of organizations like Together for the Gospel and The Gospel Coalition, the upsurge of gospel literature in publishing houses, the growth of church planting and revitalization networks, and continued reformation in local churches. Throughout this period, the role of the internet, blogging, and advances in technology have played no small role. At the 2012 Band of Bloggers gathering, we will take a look back at the past six years and consider the impact-good and bad-of blogging and technology in the Young, Restless, and Reformed movement. We hope you’ll join us as we look forward to how we can best leverage our lives and steward the resources for the advancement of the gospel!

Register today!

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4 Comments on “2012 Band of Bloggers | An Underestimated Resurgence”

  1. MXKing Says:

    Can’t wait to be there. Although not personally a blogger, I am a dedicated follower of many of the featured bloggers.

  2. Logan Says:

    Any chance of there being a livestream option and cost?

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