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David Platt Resource Library

April 15, 2011

One of the most used search terms for my blog over the past two years has been variations of  “David Platt”. This page has been accessed nearly 8,000 times, averaging roughly ten people a day, even though many of the links have since been outdated as The Church at Brook Hills changed and updated their web page.

I just found out last night about a (new?) website called Disciple-Making International that literally has scores of information and resources including a blog and a resource directory.  As a big fan of family worship, I encourage you to check out their 52-week family worship guide walking through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  They also have a basic introduction to family worship for those unfamiliar with it.

Because there is so much on this website worth checking out, I want to be selective here and highlight a few that have encouraged me personally:

* All Things Secret Church
* Abide Sermon Series
* Radical Sermon Series
* LifeBlood Sermon Series (What is the Gospel?)
* Covenant Community Sermon Series
* Global Gospel Sermon Series

Each of the sermons in the sermon series provides you the option of watching, listening, reading, or obtaining a small group study guide.  God has obviously raised up David and given him a generational platform to proclaim Christ and call us to live wholeheartedly for him and those who have never heard His name.  I pray these resources are accessed by many and leave a lasting gospel legacy for the next generation.

Plant! Conference Audio

March 28, 2011

Sovereign Grace Ministries recently held their church planting conference, Plant! in Philly, and this was one that I really wish I could have attended.  The next best thing is to jump on the audio.  I thought some of you might be interested, too.  So here are the links to the audio:

Dave Harvey: “Sending Onesimus” (Philemon 1-25)
Panel Discussion 1: “Discipling, Assessing, and Training Men
Darrin Patrick: “The Call of Men” (1 Tim. 3:1-7)
Mark Dever: “The Great Commission and Church Planting” (Matt. 28:16-20)
Panel Discussion 2: “The Importance of Preaching
C.J. Mahaney: “Profile of a Church Planter” (1 Thess. 2:1-12)
Darrin Patrick: “Mistakes in Church Planting” (Eph. 6:10-18)

GCM Everyday Audio

November 26, 2010

Last month, he GCM Collective held a one-day training focused on the gospel, community, and mission in everyday contexts.  Steve Timmis and Tim Chester has a new book coming out soon on the “ordinary” church–living as gospel communities on mission in everyday life, not just Sunday’s.  The audio from this one-day conference is not available, so check them out!

There are some additional resources that you can check out here.  I also recommend that you check out their online community, which is a great place to learn with/from others.

The Gospel Community Conference Audio

November 10, 2010

Back in September, The Gospel Community Conference was held in my old neck of the woods (Huntsville, AL).  What is the goal of this conference?  They state:

It is our desire to retake the South through the biblical idea of missional community, the idea that life does not just include some missional activities, our life is about the mission of the Gospel. It is our desire to hold a regional event that will not only challenge and inspire the church planter, pastor, elder, member, small group leader, etc., with the biblical notion of a life immersed in mission, but to equip them by putting tools and networking opportunities in their hands with ongoing encouragement to begin to make it happen in their particular context.

I love this vision, and they have gathered a great group of dudes to lead in their recent conference.  Below is the conference audio that I encourage you to download and give a listen.  This is the kind of challenge we need today, especially in the South.

The Mission of the Kingdom by Paul Whaley
Tensions in Attractional and Incarnational by Jonathan McIntosh
The Gospel Centered Church by Jeff Vanderstelt
Community Focused Gospel by Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski
The Gospel Presented Through Story by Caesar Kalinowski
Mission Directed Life by Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski
Question and Answer with Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski
Doctrine in Missional Community by Ray Ortlund
Planning Life to Plant Churches by Brian Howard and Chad Lewis (PDF)
Developing Leaders in Community by Paul Whaley, Mark Sellers, and Brad House (PDF)

Lead 10 Audio

November 9, 2010

Lead 10 is a conference recently held in Auburn, Maine hosted by my friend Josh Cousineau.  This is the second year, and the main speakers were Bob Thune (author of The Gospel Centered Life) and Bill Streger. Jared Wilson also shared about gospel wakefulness in breakout sessions.  What I love about this conference is that it is situated in the least likely place (Maine) with the most needed subject matter (the gospel).

So if you’re like me and were not able to go, I encourage you to download the 13 MP3’s below.  It is definitely worth a listen.  Check them out.

What Is the Gospel? | Q&A by Bob Thune
Gospel Hype | Q&A by Bill Streger
The Gospel and the Ordinary | Q&A by Bill Streger
The Centrality of the Gospel by Bob Thune
What Is Gospel Wakefulness? by Jared Wilson
Preaching for Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson
A Plea for Church Planting | Q&A by Bob Thune
The Subversiveness of the Gospel | Q&A by Bill Streger

DWYL Audio Book

November 2, 2010

This is just a heads up in case you did not know already.  Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper is the ChristianAudio free audiobook download for the month of November 2010.  Also, Desiring God has a free PDF study guide for the book that you may want to get as well.  In any case, don’t waste your November by not getting it!

2009 Ambition Audio (Acts 29 Bootcamp)

November 28, 2009

The Acts 29 Bootcamp with the theme of Ambition held at Sojourn in Louisville was, in the opinion of many, the best bootcamp they have ever had.  The line-up was top notch, and the messages were excellent (including the breakout sessions).  I encourage you to download these messages and give them a listen, especially if you an aspiring church planting or seeking to have greater missional DNA in your church.

The Gospel & Ambition – Dave Harvey
Discipleship & Ambition – Bob Thune
Leadership & Ambition – Darrin Patrick
The Church & Ambition – Steve Timmis

Decoding your City & Ambition – Kevin Cawley
Church Planting & Ambition – Ed Stetzer
Speaking Past Demons: Christian Preaching as Expository Exorcism – Dr. Russell Moore
Ministry for the Long Haul & Ambition – Matt Chandler

Total Church – Day 1
– Steve Timmis
Total Church – Day 2 – Steve Timmis
Worship that is Missional, Contextual, and Gospel-Centered – Tim Smith
How Theology Can Kill Your Church – Joe Thorn
Pastor as the Resident Theologian – Daniel Montgomery
Church History – Greg Allison and Reid Monaghan
Revival: When God Comes to Church – Ray Ortlund, Jr.

Soma Communities: Living Inside the Gospel Story

September 17, 2009

I’ve mentioned a couple of times already that I’m currently teaching through The Gospel-Centered Life, and if you haven’t checked it out already, I encourage you to do so.  While supplementing my reading/listening of gospel-centered resources, I came across a series of messages at Soma Communities called “Living Inside the Gospel Story.”  It appears that this series may be an early version of The Gospel-Centered Life curriculum, and the messages are delivered by Jeff Vanderstelt. In any case, I think these messages would be an encouragement to those of you seeking a radical reorientation around the gospel of Jesus.

Below are the links to the downloadable audio (PDF notes are in parenthesis).

1. The Gospel Lens (notes)
2. Gospel Viewpoints (notes)
3. Performance (notes)
4. Dishonesty (notes)
5. The Law and the Gospel (notes)
6. Lifestyle Repentance (notes)
7. Transformational Faith
8. Review

Keller on Work

September 7, 2009

Listen to it here.

Creeds, Deeds, and the Great Commission: Dr. Danny Akin at the 2009 Founders Breakfast (MP3 & Video)

July 2, 2009

On Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Founders Ministries held their annual breakfast at the Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.  Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, was guest speaker and addressed the 200+ in attendance with a message from 3 John entitled “Creeds, Deeds, and the Great Commission.”  Akin concludes his excellent exposition with words of appreciation and caution for future partnership in a Great Commission Resurgence which I encourage all my Calvinist brothers to hear.  The breakfast concluded with by Akin answering a few questions, including one from Tom Ascol about working with non-Calvinists for the cause of gospel consensus and reaching the nations.

The audio and video was produced from my hip pocket – literally.  I ripped the audio from my Livescribe Pulse pen and the video is from my Kodak Zi6 handheld HD Camcorder.  This breakfast was a warm and rewarding time of fellowship, encouragement, instruction, and godly exhortation, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Here’s the MP3: Founders Breakfast with Danny Akin

Here’s the video:

Note: It is best to play and pause the video until the entire message is buffered for better viewing.

Cornerstone Gospel Conference Audio/Video

April 21, 2009

Over the past couple of days, I have been listening to the audio from Cornerstone Church‘s recent Gospel Conference (Francis Chan is teaching pastor at Cornerstone).  These are some guys you may not be familiar with, but I encourage you to check them out.  The links take you to downloadable MP3’s and MP4’s.

:: Francis Chan | Audio | Video
:: Jeff Vanderstelt 1 | Audio | Video
:: Jeff Vanderstelt 2 | Audio | Video
:: David Fairchild 1 | Audio | Video
:: David Fairchild 2 | Audio | Video

Insight Podcast: Interview with Tullian Tchividjian on Gospel, Church, and Culture

April 9, 2009

My good friend Doug Baker has continued his long list of excellent podcasts with his most recent addition – Tullian Tchividjian.  It was recently announced that Tullian accepted the position of pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, suceeding Dr. D. James Kennedy.  Tullian is the author of several books, most recently Unfashionable: Making a Difference in the World by Being Different (which we will be giving away at this year’s Band of Bloggers fellowship).

The podcast is broken down in two segments, and the flow of the interview is listed below. To download, click on MP3 next to each part.


A Church Like the World – What We Need?; Wanted:  Servants not Celebrities; The Big Business of Evangelicalism; “Christians make a difference in this world by being different from this world; they don’t make a difference by being the same”; Relevance – What is It?; The Irrelevance of Relevance; Against the World for the World; The Bible as God’s Listening Post; An “Emergent” Humility?; Evangelism – God’s One Great Work?


Culture – What is it?; Sola Scriptura or Sola Cultura?; Jesus and Cosmic Renewal; The Cultural Mandate – What and Why?; What is the Kingdom of God?; Contextualization – What is It?  Do We Need it?; The Church as God’s Greatest Evangelistic Tool.

I’m grateful for Doug continuing to offer informative and engaging discussions on topics that matter from some of the most respected voices in Baptist and evangelical circles.  To subscribe to the Insight Podcast on iTunes, go here.

David Platt on the Gospel

March 31, 2009

David Platt, lead pastor of The Church at Brookhills, is a preacher whose podcast you should already subscribed.  In 2008, he preached through a couple of series relating to the centrality and sufficiency of the gospel, and I wanted to post them here for you to check out if you have never listened or benefited from Platt’s preaching ministry.

Two things I love about Brookhills is their willingness to let go of their resources and that these resources are gospel-centered and community-oriented.  The links below provide the MP3 download as well as the study notes for each sermon (except one).  I haven’t listened to all of these sermons, but the ones I have thus far have been really convicting and edifying.  When we talk about the recovery of the gospel in the SBC, these sermon series are good examples of where to start.

The Gospel: Why It’s Important MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: What We Believe MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: What We Need MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: How We Live MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: How We Know MP3 | PDF

The Gospel and Womanhood MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Marriage MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Parents MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Singleness MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Manhood MP3
The Gospel and Divorce MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Homosexuality MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism MP3PDF
The Gospel and Church Leadership MP3 | PDF

What the Gospel Demands MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Sacrifice MP3PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Compassion MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Urgency MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Giving MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Abandonment (Part 1) MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Abandonment (Part 2) MP3PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Abandonment (Part 3) MP3 | PDF

Quick Hits 03.26.09

March 26, 2009

* Tonight, ABC is airing a debate on the existence of Satan where Mark Driscoll goes up against Deepak Chopra.  Here’s a video teaser.

* Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard and FoxNews Commentator, talks about church planting in the Wall Street Journal.

* A new website was created for all things Tim Keller. Basically a portal to several Keller directories on the internet. Check it out.

* Michael Spencer (iMonk) has started a discussion with the “evangelical untouchables” beginning with the question,”What Is the Gospel?”  Always interested in hearing how people answer that fundamental question.

* Dave Ferguson recently interviewed Tim Keller on church planting and movements for the Exponential Conference podcast. Every time you listen to Keller, you will learn something new. Always.

* David Platt–the preacher every seminary and conference is giving a microphone–was recently interviewed by both Southern Seminary and Baptist21.  Here are the MP3’s: SBTS | B21.

* Drew Goodmanson pointed his Twitter followers to the most popular content on his blog last year: Church Planting in a Post-Christian U.S.

* Here is a podcast (MP3) interview of Francis Chan from Catalyst focusing on adoption, social justice, and the poor.

* The Summit Church (SendRDU actually) recently posted the audio from Ed Stetzer’s talk, “Pitfalls in Planting: What We and Others Do that Undermine the Work and How to Avoid Them” (MP3).

* The Kentucky Baptist Convention and Campbellsville University is sponsoring a “Missional Church Planting” conference on May 11-14, 2009 at Sojourn Community Church. Ed Stetzer will be the keynote speaker.

* Here is a Google Map locating all of the Acts 29 churches to date. I’d be interested in comparing that with where evangelical churches are most densely populated.

* Justin Childers offers a few suggestions on how not to waste your Easter.

* Watch a video interview of Mark Driscoll talking to Matt Chandler of all that is happening at The Village Church.

David Dockery on Denominations and Decline

March 9, 2009

Dr. David Dockery, president of Union University and leading statesman in the SBC, recently spoke at California Baptist University in their “Christ & Culture” Lecture Series.  CBU has recently provided two of Dockery’s lectures from this past week from their chapel podcast.  The first lecture focuses on how denominations have been broken down and where they should go from here.  In the second lecture, Dr. Dockery shares his view of where denominations should be today and whether or not they should even matter at this point in our culture.

I encourage you, especially if you are a Southern Baptist (or a part of a declining denomination), to listen to these two podcasts.  A couple of years ago, I interviewed Dr. Dockery, asking some pointed questions and was given some excellent responses.  You can find that interview series by clicking here.

Here’s the audio (MP3) from CBU:

Lecture 1 :: Lecture 2