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SBC Attire for Indy

January 16, 2008

With all the blogging about Sibbes and the PRC, I thought I’d provide a brief interruption with a little SBC humor. Plus, I have to pacify some of my friends (ahem Brad Hughes) who are emailing me with hate mail. 😯

Insiders have informed me that various t-shirts and trinkets will be available at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention at various vending booths. This is extremely important for all you Southern Baptists who want to perpetuate superficiality in Indianapolis.

For the Young, Restless, and Reformed during the Mohler nomination (courtesy of CenturiOn Pawn Shop):

For the non-cessationist IMB candidate, during the Rankin Report (courtesy of Holy Ghost Tees):

For the vote on the next alcohol resolution (courtesy of Cent’s Pawn Shop):

During the first debate:

During the second debate:

Required attire during the voting process (courtesy Cent’s Pawn Shop):

For the Founder’s Breakfast (courtesy of Cent’s Pawn Shop):

P&P Insiderz will keep you updated on all dress code developments in the days to come. 😉