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2010 Band of Bloggers Rewind – Audio (MP3)

April 18, 2010

The audio of the 2010 Band of Bloggers is now available.  Thank you, Sojourn Church, for volunteering your equipment and team as well as making this audio available to the public.

Download: 2010 Band of Bloggers (MP3)

2010 Band of Bloggers Rewind – YouTube Clips

April 17, 2010

My good friend Tony Kummer surprised me by capturing video of the 2010 Band of Bloggers via his Flip and has posted them in 10 separate clips on YouTube.  A complete video will hopefully be available soon.

Here are the clips in order of the meeting . . .


Jared Wilson – Idolatry as Identity

Justin Taylor – Idolatry and Kingdom Building

Trevin Wax – Idolatry as Covetousness (vs. Contentment)

Jonathan McIntosh – Idolatry as Internet Slavery

Panel Discussion Part 1

Panel Discussion Part 2

Panel Discussion Part 3

Panel Discussion Part 4

2010 Band of Blogger Rewind – Photos

April 16, 2010

Chuck Heeke, one of the stellar photographers of Sojourn Church, came out and snapped some images of the 2010 Band of Bloggers gathering.  Be sure to check out his photo album on Flickr.  Thank you Chuck!

Here are some photos I took with my iPhone from the 2010 Band of Bloggers. More here.

2010 Band of Bloggers Rewind – Thank You

April 15, 2010

I’ve been back from Louisville for a couple of days but have not been able to update the blog for various reasons more important than blogging. In any case, I’m glad to be back and want to give you all an update on the 2010 Band of Bloggers gathering.  I will be posting audio, video, and photos shortly, but before I do, I need to express my sincere gratitude to those who were so instrumental in this year’s event.

Thank you, Together for the Gospel, for allowing us to operate under your umbrella (especially Paul Medler and Andrew Sherwood).  Three out of four of our gatherings have been with T4G, and I’m grateful for the encouragement I have received over the years.

Thank you, Justin Taylor, Jared Wilson, Jonathan McIntosh, and Trevin Wax, for leading the discussion as presenters of the theme “Internet Idolatry and Gospel Fidelity.”  I could not have asked you to handle the topic any better than you did, and from the numerous people who communicated how much they were challenged by your talks, I am confident that the gospel words were well-received.  You served us well, and the time and preparation you spent in thinking carefully and deeply about these matters were evident in your exhortations to us.

Thank you, Owen Strachan, for once again moderating this year’s panel discussion.  You are a constant encouragement to me through your faithfulness to God and serving the evangelical community through your leadership.

Thank you, Sojourn Church, for the many ways you served me and the BoB attendees this year, including housing the 2,400 books, bagging all of the books, providing sounding and recording equipment, and overseeing the logistics of the event.  I simply could not have put this together without Bobby Gilles and those who labored alongside him in the preparations leading up to this year’s meeting.  Thank you, Bobby and fellow Sojourners, for the kindness you showed us in all the work that was done behind the scenes.

Thank you also to my close friends and volunteers who assisted me in registration, bag distribution, and general preparation for the meeting at the Galt House.  Brothers like Brad Hughes, Sean Gould, Matt Wireman, Stephen Newell, James Risner, and many others stepped in to shoulder much of the load.  Brothers, thank you.

Thank you, book publishers, for donating the 2,400 books that were distributed to over 200 attenders at this years meeting.  Over $45,000 in books were freely given and shipped to our gathering of gospel-centered bloggers from the following sponsors: Broadman & Holman, Kregel, Reformation Trust, Crossway, LifeWay Treads Media, Moody, Reformation Heritage Books, Banner of Truth, Multnomah, and Founders Press.  It is my hope that your literature will serve these men and women well, and through their good stewardship of your generosity, result in many more people being influenced through your titles.

Finally, I want to say thank you to all who came to this year’s gathering.  With each gathering, I meet dozens of new people and reconnect to many long-time friends.  It brings me joy to be able to encourage you in faithfulness to the gospel through this little event.  I hope that the fellowship, the talks, and the books will serve you, your church, and your community so that Christ may be treasured by many in your midst!

POTW :: Miromar

April 2, 2010

View in Flickr (See it LARGE)

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

I suppose I’m not the only who is experiencing crazy moments this time of the year.  Lots going on.  The photos above are from a much-needed family outing to Miromar Outlets. My wife loved getting good deals kiddos. Nolan loved it because they had monster water fountains everywhere. I loved it because I got to race the two-seater stroller around on a gorgeous afternoon.


2010 Band of Bloggers Giveaways

April 1, 2010

For those of you who have been following me on Twitter, you probably saw the giveaways that I rolled out over the past couple of days.  This year is the biggest giveaway yet with 12 books being donated from numerous publishers with a total value of over $225.  It is a desire that Band of Bloggers will connect gospel-centered bloggers with evangelical book publishers to network together in providing and promoting solid literature for a wider audience.

To view the entire list of giveaways, go here.  There is still a few spots left for the event, but registration is closing this weekend.  So register now if you’d like to attendUnfortunately, we are sold out and registration for the 2010 gathering is now closed.

2010 Band of Bloggers | Internet Idolatry and Gospel Fidelity

March 3, 2010

After having been prodded by several folks, I have been working over the past months to put together another Band of Bloggers gathering in conjunction with the 2010 Together for the Gospel Conference.  I say prodded because the amount of work placed on one person with limited time and no budget is challenging to pull off each year.  What began as a wild idea in 2006 as a seminary student has morphed into our fourth gathering with hundreds of gospel-centered bloggers being networked for encouragement, fellowship, and discussion of issues related to new media and the gospel.

The theme for the 2010 Band of Bloggers is “Internet Idolatry and Gospel Fidelity” and I have asked Justin Taylor, Trevin Wax, Jonathan McIntosh, and Jared Wilson to address this theme with short talks and a panel discussion.  I am really excited about addressing this theme and the group of guys who have agreed to lead us in thinking how our lives on the internet face idolatrous temptations such as identity, power, acceptance, etc. and how we can remain faithful to the gospel in not only the substance of what we say but the form in which we write.

The gathering will take place on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 beginning at 11:00am at The Galt House in downtown Louisville, KY.  The $25 registration simply covers the cost of the catered lunch (which is not optional), and given the large numbers of people attending T4G and relatively few places to eat, this will be one meal easy to determine. 🙂  However, due to limited space I encourage you to register early.  There has yet to be a Band of Bloggers that did not sell out.

For those down with BoB, please consider helping us promote our gathering with embedding an ad, blog button, or banner to your website or blog.  In the coming weeks, I will be sharing on the BoB website those who are sponsoring this year’s gathering with free books and resources.  I hope to see you there!

Internet Idolatry and Gospel Fidelity”
2010 Band of Bloggers Fellowship
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 :: 11:00am

The Galt House, Downtown Louisville, KY
(in conjunction with Together for the Gospel)