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Clarifying the Gospel and Its Implications

March 7, 2010

I was able to attend the 20/20 Collegiate Conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where Matt was scheduled to speak.  Due to his chemo and radiation treatments, he was unable to attend.  However, he was able to pre-record his session in which he deals with clarifying the gospel and its implications.  Check it out. 

J.D. Greear on 20/20 Collegiate Conference

February 6, 2010

Greear is preaching from Acts 4 on the significance of Jesus being the only way to heaven.  There are six cultural assumptions on why this belief is so controversial to most Americans.

1.  Our culture believes that claiming there is only one way to God is archaic.

Christianity was born into a world where saying He was the only way was every bit as politically incorrect, if not more so, than it is today.

2.  Claiming that there is one way to God is arrogant.

Peter’s attitude in verse 20: “we can’t help but speak what we have seen or heard.”  It is not arrogance but believing that Jesus is who He said He is.


David Platt at 20/20 Collegiate Conference

February 6, 2010

David Platt begins his message with this video clip.  Give is a look.

Below is a summary of the key points Platt made in his message this morning.  When first personal pronouns are used, they are quotes of David speaking . . .

The last few years have been a crisis of belief in my own life, and it has revolved around the Bible. “Do I believe that it is true?”  Not if I believe it is accurate or authentic, but if I believe it to be true.  If it is, then the implications of our lives are staggering.


20/20 Collegiate Conference

February 4, 2010

There are numerous conferences taking place this week, and I have the opportunity of attending one of them: the 20/20 Collegiate Conference put on by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It is my plans to post my thoughts and perhaps even live-blog some of the messages should that be a possibility, so I encourage you to check back over the next couple of days. If you are read the blog and are attending the conference, I hope to have the opportunity of meeting you.  You can follow all other updates via my Twitter.

Here is the conference schedule for those interested:

Friday, February 5

7:30 PM Plenary Session I (Daniel Akin)
8:30-8:45 PM Worship
8:45-9:45 PM Plenary Session II (Matt Chandler)

Saturday, February 6

8:45 AM Plenary Session III (David Platt)
10:00 AM Breakout Session I
11:15 AM Breakout Session II
1:15 PM Afternoon Worship
1:30 PM Plenary Session IV (JD Greear)
2:45 PM Breakout Session III
3:55 PM Worship
4:00 PM Plenary Session V (Clayton King)