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Acts 29, State Conventions, and Acts 1:11 Conference

November 12, 2009

This week is a rather interesting week in the life of the SBC.  Three meetings took place in the SBC world which are worth noting, especially in comparing and contrasting them.  They are:

1.  The Acts 29 Ambition Bootcamp held at Sojourn in Louisville
2.  The respective state convention meetings across the country
3.  The Acts 1:11 Conference held by Jerry Vines Ministries

I’ve penned my thoughts on the differences and similarities between the three, but I’m interested in your thoughts, especially on the various points:

* Those who attend (who, why, average age)
* Conference or Meeting Purpose
* Theological Emphasis or Meeting Theme (like, dislike, agree, disagree)
* What Each Represents within the SBC World
* Their Future in the SBC (increasing, decreasing)

Given that these all converged on the same week in the SBC calendar, I thought it would be worth thinking about their implications and what they, as a snapshot, might reveal about the SBC and its future.