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Adrian Warnock Interviews Ed Stetzer

June 22, 2008

Ed Stetzer, keynote speaker for this week’s upcoming National Founders Conference, was recently interviewed by Mac-evangelist Adrian Warnock.  Using iChat, Warnock provides an hour-long, eight-part video interview with Stetzer, and the videos are posting here below.

1.  Ed and Adrian talk about what ‘missional’ means.

2.  Stetzer speaks about church planting.

3.  Are Apostollic and missional synonymous?

4.  How Can We All Be Missional?

5.  Ed speaks about the atonement and the state of the church today.

6.  Ed on why some churches are more successful.

7.  Ed on preaching. Is there such a thing as missional preaching?

8.  Ed Stetzer on culture and the challenge of building a multicultural church.