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Baptist Messenger Interview with Ronnie Floyd on the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report

May 9, 2010

If you are like me and have not read all the GCR articles coming out, you might not be aware of all the conversation around the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force (GCRTF) of the SBC.  Doug Baker, editor of the Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma, sat down with the chairman of the GCRTF, Ronnie Floyd, to address the issues and questions that have been raised in recent months.  If you are limited in time, I would argue that it is better to listen less to the political pundits in the SBC media and focus more on what the task force is saying both in their final draft as well as other first-hand sources.  Here is a 45 minute video interview with Baker and Floyd that is worth your time.  Check it out.