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Owning the Word of God

September 20, 2011

In yesterday’s review of the ESV Student Study Bible, I encouraged students to not simply own the Word of God, but have it own you.  Many of you may have seen this video before, but it is worth watching again.  Beautiful illustration of what I’m talking about.


Review: ESV Student Study Bible

September 19, 2011

My teenage and college years were the most formative years of my life as a Christian.  It was during those years that I learned to study the Bible and develop and appetite to know God.

Yet it seemed that a lot of what people would call normal means of grace was missing in my life.  The church in which I was a member was largely a-theological.  Ministry was program-driven.  Community was lacking. Disciple-making disciples were nonexistent (that’s what the program’s were for).  Look back, I realized now that I did not know what I was missing because I had never experienced it.

In spite of the glaring absence of such means, God was kind to keep me tethered to His Word with a deep desire to know Him.  It was not until college that I bought my first study Bible and learned to access tools that could assist me in my studies.  If there was one resource I wish I had available to me during those formative years, it would be an all-in-one toolbox for studying the Bible.  I’m glad to see that such a resource is available to students today with the new ESV Student Study Bible.

Over 100 evangelical scholars have combined their work to provide over 12,000 concise study notes, 900 helpful “did you know” facts, 120 Bible character profiles, 80 full-color maps and illustrations, and introductions and timelines for each Bible book.  To be clear, our primary source of study is the Bible alone.  But there are secondary sources that help us in the study of the Bible, such as concordance, atlas, commentary, dictionary, etc.  And what you have in the ESV Student Study Bible is all those helpful secondary sources combined in one toolbox that is easily accessible for all students wanting to take a serious plunge into the study of God’s Word.

Christian students, we are living in a day and time when we own a lot of Bibles, but the Bible does not own us.  My encouragement to you is to reject the culture Biblical illiteracy and don’t simply own another Bible.  Have the Bible own you.  Get the ESVSSB and wear it out.  Take this incredibly well-bound and aesthetically pleasing Bible and graffiti it with your sweat and tears.  Make your labors of mind and heart test the binding of this Bible and leave it with a strip of duct tape or two.  Yes, get it good.  Good enough to preoccupy your mind with thoughts of God, and you will never regrets the hours you spent listening to God as His Spirit makes His truths come alive in your soul.

Centrality of the Word in Church Planting

July 8, 2011

Mike McKinley, author of Church Planting Is for Wimps, answers the question about how God’s Word drives the agenda for church planting.

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The Bible Isn’t Boring!

January 18, 2010

The Jesus Storybook Bible

September 8, 2009

NolanJSBBYesterday was an especially exciting day for the Brister family. No, we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for Labor Day.  What happened was we finished the Jesus Storybook Bible for the first time.  God has used this little resourced by Sally Lloyd-Jones to turn our times of family worship as the most exciting time of the day for our son.  During this time, Nolan (now 19 months) has a good beginning understanding of the story of redemption where Jesus is the hero who rescues sinners with His never-failing love.

The time it takes to read each story is just right for his age, and together with prayers, singing of hymns, and occasional catechism questions, we enjoy a sweet time of roughly 15 minutes learning about Jesus and worshipping him.  As his father, to know the joy (however superficial) my son has in reading the Bible and singing to Jesus makes me really happy.  In fact, this morning my wife had a doctor’s appointment, so I stayed home to keep the boys.  What did Nolan want to do? He went for his bible, and we began again with reading the introduction and singing “The Gospel Song.”

What was all-the-more encouraging was to hear (on Twitter) several other fathers finished up the JSBB with their children–one of them the same day!  If you have not checked it out already, I encourage you to consider the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Next month, they will be rolling out with an all-new deluxe edition, including an audio narration of the stories.

You can also check out the new website for the Jesus Storybook Bible where you can also download free samples of the audio narration as well as view some of the stories in PDF.  I agree with the exhortation of Tim Keller who said the following:

“I would urge not just families with young children to get this book, but every Christian–from pew warmers, to ministry leaders, seminarians and even theologians! Sally Lloyd-Jones has captured the heart of what it means to find Christ in all the scriptures, and has made clear even to little children that all God’s revelation has been about Jesus from the beginning–a truth not all that commonly recognized even among the very learned.”

With the help of the Jesus Storybook Bible, I am praying that my sons learn of Jesus, and having learned of Him, find Him a great Savior of great sinners and treasure Him as God’s precious gift to us.

Don’t Waste Your Pulpit

April 28, 2008

He was God-dominated.

October 21, 2007

More from D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Jonathan Edwards, this time focusing on “the secret of this man.”

“What then was the secret of this man?  I have no hesitation in saying this: the spiritual always controlled the intellectual in him.  I believe he must have had a great struggle with his towering intellect, and his original thinking. . . . But as they put it, theology kept breaking in.  But that constitutes the special glory of this man–and this is what explains him–that he always kept his philosophy and his speculations subservient to the Bible and regarded them as mere servants.  Whatever he might be tempted to think, the Bible was supreme: everything was subordinate to the Word of God.  All his rich and brilliant gifts were not only held to be subservient, but were used as servants.  In other words he was God-dominated.”

– D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Puritans: Their Origins and Successors (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1987), 356.