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Take a Trip . . . to Your City

February 26, 2010

A couple nights ago, I shared with my Twitter friends about a strategy meeting where we are planning a mission trip to our city.  Yes, the city where most of our church members live.  Why, you might ask? Let me give you some reasons why I am compelled by this idea:

1. How many times have you heard of teams going to other cities to partake in service projects or community development where there is ministry to the poor and needy, urban revitalization, caring for children (especially orphans), and education to ethnic minorities?  If we can send teams to do missionary work in other cities to lend credibility to the church’s witness there, then why don’t we bless our own city in a similar way?


Race Results and Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

Eight from Grace laced up their shoes to race in this year’s Turkey Trot. For me, it was the first Turkey Trot since 1984 when I ran at Mary Esther Elementary School in kindergarten (I brought my trophy for inspiration).  I was really curious how well I would do because I have not run a mile since 2004 but have had considerable running experience in the past.  As you can see, I came prepared with Sermon Jams to listen to and a homemade jersey to intimidate my competition (the back says, “Get behind me, turkeys!”).  The competition attempted to hamper my domination with Lucky Charms, Mountain Dews, and race relocation to no avail.

I must say that it was really humbling to see kids not old enough to spell “race” running past me.  Even a dog passed me on the second mile.  Anyway, my time was 26:48.  Tom’s was 29:20.  Now my competition is refusing to accept the loss by declaring defaulting on technicality.  You see, there’s these leg bands that you are supposed to receive at registration with a chip to give the “official” time.  However, the lady who handed me the stuff did not give the band, and I was ignorant of my need to have one (yeah, I know, dufus).  As a result, Tom is claiming my 1984 trophy.  Leg band or no leg band, this turkey trotted across the finish line first.  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Thanks to those of you who voted on the online poll.  May all of you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!  I am grateful to all of you who read P&P.  Grace and peace.

Ready or Not, She Cometh

August 16, 2008

The finalization of my sermon preparations were interrupted when I saw this. Ironically, enough, we moved to Cape Coral the opening day of hurricane season and immediately heard talks on television and at home department stores about “hurricane preparedness.” Perhaps I should have been paying more attention!

So I made that dreadful trip to the local Wal-Mart to grab necessities and, well, the buggy-battles were worse than Christmas. The parking lot was full and the aisles jammed. Two hours later I made it back with stuff like water and bread somehow ended up with a gallon of Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla ice-cream. (Insert caveat: matters of necessity vary depending on who’s shopping)

But seriously, these next couple of days, if projections are correct, will be eventful. According to the map above, the center of the projection is right on top of Cape Coral/Ft. Myers. Not to be too alarmed, the current projections are that Fay will not be bringing destructive winds. Nevertheless, the amount of rain and wind will a force to be reckoned with.

As I preparing for the Lord’s Day tomorrow, I am praying for the days to follow. Whatever happens, my prayer is that God would be glorified in our midst.


Here are some links I have posted in the comments that my be of some interest to folks:

National Hurricane Center For Tropical Fay

Fay projection map

Infared Satellite of Fay

Fay Projected Models (possibilities)

Interactive Tracking of Fay

Fay Wind Speed Probability Table

Fay 3-Day Cone

Satellite Image

Water Vapor Image

Infared Image

Here are few more links for hurricane preparedness:

Local News Hurricane Guide (PDF)

FEMA Hurricane Info and this one as well

CDC on Hurricane Preparedness and this one as well

Red Cross Info on Hurricane Preparedness

HHS Tips for Hurricane Preparedness:

Homeland Security on Hurricane Preparedness

EPA on Hurricane Preparedness

POTW :: gettyup!

May 24, 2008

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

Yesterday evening, my father and I finally arrived in Cape Coral, Florida after four long days of packing and moving. Tuesday afternoon, we traveled up to Louisville in a little U-Haul carrying some stuff we had stored away in Alabama. Wednesday morning, we, along with six other brothers, loaded the trailer which was completed by dinner time. After cleaning up the apartment and loading up the cars with stuff, we headed south Thursday morning to complete the first leg of our trip–our destination being Blakely, Georgia–home of the world-famous youth pastor/politician/movie producer Brad Hughes.

Brad and his sweet momma were kind enough to allow us to crash at their place. Not to my surprise, Brad was not home because he, according to his account, was traveling back from Panama City Beach where he had taken some actors and actresses for the day. You see, his county (Early County) has this thing going called EC2055 which is a 50-year plan of revitalizing their county, and Brad is a key player in the implementation of this vision. One of the industries being brought to their county is the film industry, and currently there is a horror film being produced just a few miles from Brad’s house. The executive director of EC2055 has asked Brad to help administrate this aspect of the vision, meaning that Brad is working with a production company–something which he has called something like “Freezer Locker Productions” (don’t ask me why). So now the pastor/politician can add another p to his repertoire, viz., “producer.”

So this explains the photos above, for, while we were patiently awaiting his cowboy boots and perfectly parted bangs, we did not expect to hear the sound of a train coming down the road. It wasn’t a train, of course, but rather the biggest honkin’ truck I have ever seen in my life. Brad says that it is the moving billboard for EC2055; I say it is their toy to make every NASCAR fan of Early County jealous. This thing is monstrous (you actually sit higher than the truckers) and even has a Caterpillar engine in it. So this goes out to all my homies in Limestone County, Alabama–check that. 😉

Getting up the next morning, we hopped climbed into the monster truck, and headed to the actual wooded area where the movie was being shot. We were allowed to watch about an hour’s worth of the production which was pretty cool. I’ve seen the making of movies on television documentaries before, but seeing it in person gives it a whole new perspective, especially since Brad reneged on his oh-so solid commitment to come to Louisville, eat some Q-doba, and help me load the trailer (instead he hung out with the cast and crew on Panama City Beach!). Brad, just think: if you were still the editor-in-chief of P&P, you could edit this post, but . . . 🙂

All in all, there were not too many problems or obstacles this week in the move, except perhaps the excessive number of old people in Florida who drive 55 miles an hour in the left lane of I-75, causing the traffic to function like a big slinky (don’t get me started). We arrived in Cape Coral to 95 degree temperature with sweltering humidity (and I would have you know that I was wearing sweat pants!). Not cool (seriously).

For those who may not have heard the story, my move to Louisville was one of the worst days of my life (at least in recent history). It was terribly hot, and there was a steady downpour during the entire time of moving. Thinking I had my library of books safely covered in a tarp in the back of my truck, I chose to unload them last. Little did I know, water had been accumulating in the bed of the truck, and by the time I recognized this problem, three inches of water had soaked all the boxes of books, causing me to lost approximately $800 worth of valuable material, many of which had marked my spiritual journey significantly.

The last day in Louisville could not be any more different. Partly sunny and 72 degrees with a gentle breeze, we had the perfect weather for loading. More than that, God provided some of the most gracious brothers who gave of their time and energy to help me move out. Men like Kyle Barrett, Toby Jennings, Micah Childs, Dan Canales, Terry Delaney, and Stephen Newell are reasons why my heart has been refreshed and overflowing with gratitude. Their labor of love was a gift of encouragement and blessing that allowed me to close the door of this chapter of my life with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. None of these men (and many others) I knew four years ago, and Lord willing, these friendships will continue for many years to come.

Upon the encouragement and exhortation of some of my friends, I am thinking about taking the time to blog about the transitioning seminarian turned pastor and the situations, struggles, adjustments, and lessons I have learned during this time. I am not quite sure how that would work out or what it would look like, but if some of the things God has and continues to teach me during this time could be an encouragement or help to others, then I think it could prove to be a fruitful exercise. We’ll see.

Sorry for the late POTW, and I pray you have a blessed Lord’s Day!