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Church Planter’s Core Prolegomena

July 25, 2011

Last summer, I began a coaching relationship at Grace with a young man sensing a call to plant a church in his urban neighborhood.  He is a sharp, articulate, and gifted brother who has not received any formal theological training.  In order to gain a better understanding of his theological bearings, I created what I called a church planters “core prolegomena.”

In major theological treatises, a prolegomenon consists of introductory remarks or preliminary statements addressing the treatise.  In a practical way, the church planter’s core prolegomena is intended to be a preliminary theological treatment of the kind of teaching and training he would receive through our church-based apprenticeship and eventually residency, should he continue for the full two years.  So the way the core prolegomena serves the church planter is that it gives him opportunity to get grounded on some key components of a well-rounded theologian, churchman, and missionary, providing him a more sure footing in moving forward.

Though it is not entirely finished, I created six “modules” for the CPCP.  Each module is intended to last two weeks, and the amount of work and study is no walk in the park.  We covered the six modules over the course of the summer, and it proved to be a very profitable experience for me as a coach and for my emerging apprentice.