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Wanna Be Relevant? Pray to Accept Hannah Montana into Your Heart

November 7, 2007


Tried “40 Days of Purpose” and didn’t get the exponential growth you were expected to have?  There’s good news for your church!  Get your hands on some Hannah Montana tickets  and watch your “event attendance” skyrocket to new heights!  Church Relevance reports,

LIFEchurch (North Richland Hills, TX) averages 350 to 400 people for weekend attendance but attracted around 2,500 people for their Family Fun Fest this past Halloween. That’s over six times their average weekend attendance.

Amazing!  How did this happen you might ask?  LIFEchurch offered the free gift of Hannah Montana that only a few fortunate souls would be privileged to experience.  Montana is the winning ticket that will help you overcome that attendance barrier, and throw in some more choice entertainment tickets, and event attendance will undoubtedly experience exponential increase that even prosperity experts could not manufacture.  According to the report, the only financial investment to go from 400 to 2,500 people is a one-time cost of $20,000.  Reports showed that church members weathered the criticism, arguing, “That’s a small price when you have accepted Hannah Montana into your heart.”

This has got me thinking about my regulative principle question again.  But alas, such methodology is certainly biblical and justifiable since it works – and, of course, “Hannah” is in the Bible anyways.