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Louisville on Two Wheels

November 11, 2008

bikeCycling can be a dangerous sport.  In fact, it can be a deadly sport.  Roughly 700 cyclists are killed each year due to vehicle accidents.  Just last week, a cyclist here in SW Florida was killed in a hit-and-run.  On Oct. 4 of this year, a young lady by the name of Jennifer Futrell was killed while riding her bike in Louisville.  My good friend and fellow cyclist, Dan Canales, has since begun a project called Louisville on Two WheelsDan writes,

This blog is dedicated to all of our friends who have died while cycling.  Thousands of Louisvillians take to the streets every day, some out of necessity, some in pursuit of fitness and some for the sheer joy of riding.  This blog is not a place to point fingers. This is not a place for anger.  This is a blog to share the lives of those who ride the streets,  the faces and the places they live, the streets they ride, and the roads we all share.

What I love about this project is that Dan is taking his two hobbies–photography and cycling–and using them to bless the city and reach out to fellow cyclists.  He has identified with brokenness in culture and is seeking to redeem it using the gifts he has to encourage cyclists and represent Jesus.  We’ve all got hobbies, talents, and passions we enjoy.  Most of the time they serve our own purposes.  Dan is an example to me (and hopefully others) of how to use them to bless others.  May God grant him grace and bless his little project–Louisville on Two Wheels.