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Nuts and Bolts of Sojourn Community Church

April 12, 2010

I have really enjoyed and been helped by these short videos by Sojourn Community Church wherein their lead pastor Daniel Montgomery shares some of the nuts and bolts of their ministry and community life.  I don’t think the series is completed (yet), but do check them out.

Also, if you are in Louisville for Together for the Gospel, you might want to check out the opportunities to connect with Sojourn’s leadership team while you are there.

Vision 101

Church 101

Gospel 101

Mission 101

Giving 101

For more videos of Sojourn Community Church, go here.

Insight Podcast with SBC/Acts 29 Guys

February 21, 2009

Where on the one hand, the Missouri Baptist Convention de-funds all dually affiliated SBC/Acts 29 church planters, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina invites them to a convseration about the Gospel, the church, and the mission.  That’s my kind of state convention!

The Insight Podcast is hosted by Doug Baker, and recently he sat down with Acts 29 church planters J.D. Greear, Daniel Montgomery, Tyler Jones, and Sean Cordell to discuss a host of issues.  The podcast is divided into two parts.  You will certainly want to download them both.

* Part 1 *

Topics: Postmodernity – What is it?; Contextualization – What is it?; Culture and Theology; Ministry in an Urban Context; Diversity in the Local Church; Tradition and Traditionalism; The Craving for Authenticity; The Emerging Church Movement; Gospel Reductionism; The Emergent Church Movement;  Acts29 Church Planting Network; Vintage 21’s Theology and Doctrine; Tony Jones and the Gospel; The Gospel and Propositional Truth; Homosexuality and Modern Culture; Christology – Missiology – Ecclesiology.

* Part 2 *

Topics: Institutions and Denominations; Acts29 Network – Its Founding and Future; The SBC as a Missional Network; The Doctrinal Commitments of Acts29; Biblical Preaching as a Priority; Acts29 and Southern Baptists; North Carolina – Still the Bible Belt?; Requirements for an Acts29 Church Planter; Churches Planting Churches – the Biblical Model?; The SBC and Church Planting; The Future of the SBC.

I’m grateful for Doug Baker putting together an excellent podcast dealing with substantive issues that really matter to the church today. You can find previous podcasts hosted by Baker here.