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The Call of Our This Generation

April 16, 2012

It has already been said that the sermon below by David Platt is perhaps the greatest missions message ever preached. I was a freshman in college when the buzz about John Piper’s sermon “Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain” filled the campus of University of Mobile. Not long after that, I embarked on my first cross-cultural mission trip and have not been the same.

I was privileged to hear this with 8,000 other folks at T4G last week. But more than that, I eagerly long to be in the company of those who heed the message as what I anticipate will be the call of this generation.

You can download the audio or read the live-blogging notes of Justin Taylor, or watch the video below.  If you have not listened or watched this message, please carve out an hour of your life and have the Spirit ruin you for the nations.

Dever, Platt, and Mohler on Church Planting and the SBC

August 12, 2011

IX Marks hosted a panel discussion at the 2011 SBC Annual Meeting where Mark Dever sat down with David Platt and Albert Mohler to talk about the state of the SBC, church planting, and the Cooperative Program.  Check it.

HT: IX Marks Blog

What Part of the Gospel Is Optional?

May 18, 2011

David Platt Resource Library

April 15, 2011

One of the most used search terms for my blog over the past two years has been variations of  “David Platt”. This page has been accessed nearly 8,000 times, averaging roughly ten people a day, even though many of the links have since been outdated as The Church at Brook Hills changed and updated their web page.

I just found out last night about a (new?) website called Disciple-Making International that literally has scores of information and resources including a blog and a resource directory.  As a big fan of family worship, I encourage you to check out their 52-week family worship guide walking through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  They also have a basic introduction to family worship for those unfamiliar with it.

Because there is so much on this website worth checking out, I want to be selective here and highlight a few that have encouraged me personally:

* All Things Secret Church
* Abide Sermon Series
* Radical Sermon Series
* LifeBlood Sermon Series (What is the Gospel?)
* Covenant Community Sermon Series
* Global Gospel Sermon Series

Each of the sermons in the sermon series provides you the option of watching, listening, reading, or obtaining a small group study guide.  God has obviously raised up David and given him a generational platform to proclaim Christ and call us to live wholeheartedly for him and those who have never heard His name.  I pray these resources are accessed by many and leave a lasting gospel legacy for the next generation.

Do We Really Believe What We’re Saying?

March 23, 2011

David Platt, currently ministering in northern India, asks a really important question.  May we answer with our lives.

[vimeo 21387696]

Radical: Responding to the Bibical Call to Follow Jesus – David Platt

April 30, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, I am really grateful for the prophetic voices of Francis Chan and David Platt, and moreso by the fact that they are backing up their exhortations with radical demonstration.

David Platt at 20/20 Collegiate Conference

February 6, 2010

David Platt begins his message with this video clip.  Give is a look.

Below is a summary of the key points Platt made in his message this morning.  When first personal pronouns are used, they are quotes of David speaking . . .

The last few years have been a crisis of belief in my own life, and it has revolved around the Bible. “Do I believe that it is true?”  Not if I believe it is accurate or authentic, but if I believe it to be true.  If it is, then the implications of our lives are staggering.


20/20 Collegiate Conference

February 4, 2010

There are numerous conferences taking place this week, and I have the opportunity of attending one of them: the 20/20 Collegiate Conference put on by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It is my plans to post my thoughts and perhaps even live-blog some of the messages should that be a possibility, so I encourage you to check back over the next couple of days. If you are read the blog and are attending the conference, I hope to have the opportunity of meeting you.  You can follow all other updates via my Twitter.

Here is the conference schedule for those interested:

Friday, February 5

7:30 PM Plenary Session I (Daniel Akin)
8:30-8:45 PM Worship
8:45-9:45 PM Plenary Session II (Matt Chandler)

Saturday, February 6

8:45 AM Plenary Session III (David Platt)
10:00 AM Breakout Session I
11:15 AM Breakout Session II
1:15 PM Afternoon Worship
1:30 PM Plenary Session IV (JD Greear)
2:45 PM Breakout Session III
3:55 PM Worship
4:00 PM Plenary Session V (Clayton King)

David Platt on the Gospel

March 31, 2009

David Platt, lead pastor of The Church at Brookhills, is a preacher whose podcast you should already subscribed.  In 2008, he preached through a couple of series relating to the centrality and sufficiency of the gospel, and I wanted to post them here for you to check out if you have never listened or benefited from Platt’s preaching ministry.

Two things I love about Brookhills is their willingness to let go of their resources and that these resources are gospel-centered and community-oriented.  The links below provide the MP3 download as well as the study notes for each sermon (except one).  I haven’t listened to all of these sermons, but the ones I have thus far have been really convicting and edifying.  When we talk about the recovery of the gospel in the SBC, these sermon series are good examples of where to start.

The Gospel: Why It’s Important MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: What We Believe MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: What We Need MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: How We Live MP3 | PDF
The Gospel: How We Know MP3 | PDF

The Gospel and Womanhood MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Marriage MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Parents MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Singleness MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Manhood MP3
The Gospel and Divorce MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Homosexuality MP3 | PDF
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism MP3PDF
The Gospel and Church Leadership MP3 | PDF

What the Gospel Demands MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Sacrifice MP3PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Compassion MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Urgency MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Giving MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Abandonment (Part 1) MP3 | PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Abandonment (Part 2) MP3PDF
The Gospel Demands Radical Abandonment (Part 3) MP3 | PDF

David Platt on the Great Commission

September 7, 2008

David Platt, lead pastor of The Church at Brookhills, was the guest preacher for the 2009 Great Commission Lectures at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  From those in attendance, Platt’s messages were powerfully used to impact the lives of all who were in attendance.  I encourage you to download them and listen for your own advantage.  Here are the links (MP3s):

1.  The Presence of Christ in the Great Commission (Said at Southern live-blogging)

2.  The Command of Christ in the Great Commission (Said at Southern live-blogging)

3.  The Authority of Christ in the Great Commission