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I Quote – You Decide

June 12, 2008

Two quotes, no commentary, for your consideration:

Quote 1:

“We have to be very careful. If you try to take this (regenerate church membership) to the lowest common denominator, before too long, you’ll find the pastors and the church leadership to try to separate the sheep from the goats (an allusion to a parable about the separation of the heaven- and hell-bound), and only Jesus and the angels he assigned can do that.”

– Johnny Hunt, interviewed by The Tennessean, June 11, 2008

Quote 2:

“The churches are not infallible judges, being unable to search the heart; but they owe it to the cause of Christ, and to the candidate himself, to exercise the best judgment of which they are capable. To receive any one on a mere profession of words, without any effort to ascertain whether he understands and feels what he professes, is unfaithfulness to his interest, and the interests of religion.”

John L. Dagg, Manual of Church Order (Harrisonburg, VA: Gano Books, 1990), 269.

Who is right? You decide.