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Between the Times – New SEBTS Group Blog

June 6, 2008

A new group blog (no comments allowed however) called Between the Times has come forth from a corner of the SBC land which I find much hope and encouragement.

Nathan Finn shares,

Between the Times is dedicated to living faithfully before Christ between His first and second comings. The regular contributors include Danny Akin, David Nelson, Ken Keathley, Bruce Ashford, and yours truly. We also hope to periodically feature “guest bloggers” who will weigh in on important issues. Some of the topics we will be blogging about include theology, cultural engagement, mission, preaching, American Christianity, and of course, the Southern Baptist Convention. We also hope to regularly post book reviews and book lists.

I commend this blog and the vision these men carry for a Great Commission Resurgence in the SBC. May the Lord use their efforts in the blogosphere to raise the level of discussion and deepen our commitment to the gospel consensus and cooperation.