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Join Me in Praying for Baby Hannah

March 20, 2009

About a month ago, our baby boy Nolan was terribly sick, running a fever of 104°+ for several days.  Fortunately, the bacterial virus did not stay, and Nolan has recovered well.  This past week, my good friends, Yogi and Kelli Taylor (in Mobile, AL) saw their 13 mo. old daugther Hannah come down with a similar sickness with high fever.

Yesterday, they took Hannah to the doctor due to prolonged high fever and heard possibly the worst news any parent could hear.  It was discovered that Hannah has a tumor (called neuroblastoma) around her adrenal glands that the doctors believe is cancerous.  As a result, immediate measures have been taken, including surgery on Hannah to remove this tumor that will take place within one hour of me writing this blogpost (11:00am CST).  Following the surgery, a biopsy will be done to determine the state of the tumor, and what appeared to be a in-and-out doctor’s visit will likely turn into multiple weeks in the hospital. The outcome is too early to know anything else, but when more information is available, I will pass that along.

Yogi (Hannah’s father) is a dear brother whom I known since my days at the University of Mobile, and his wife, Kelli, and I grew up together in the same church since we were little kids.  They are strong in the faith, submitting their lives to the sovereign purposes of God which are always for our good, but as you could imagine, getting the news of this and seeing your baby girl go through such a serious and life-threatening ordeal is massive.  They need our prayers, encouragement, and support.

Please join me in lifting up baby Hannah and the Taylor family during this time, especially the next couple of days, in prayer for healing, protection, and peace that only comes from our heavenly Father whose smile sweetens the most bitter providences. Thanks.