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Addendum: Three Case Studies

May 7, 2008

On the topic of health and growth of churches in the SBC, I want to give you three report cards from three very different churches (no, I will not tell you which church they are). What I want you to do is simply take a look for yourselves and let me know what you think. Ask yourselves such questions as, “Which church is the healthiest and why?” or “Which church best reflects biblical church growth?”

A couple of things to note here. The UCM index is the number of inactive members divided by the total membership for the year 2006 (this research was done prior to 2007 ACP records). The A/A differential is total additions 2000-2006 over total attendance growth 2000-2006 (hence A/A differential). For example if the A/A differential was 500/100, that means during the seven-year period, 500 people were added to the church as members while only 100 are reflected in their attendance growth. [I have researched close to 100 leading churches in the SBC and have ranked them according to these two factors.] The purpose of looking at these figures are a means for considering our need for healthy churches that are experiencing biblical church growth.

Here they are: