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We Must Endeavor to Save Some

March 17, 2011

“If the kingdom is ever to come to our Lord–and come it will–it never will come through a few ministers, missionaries, or evangelists preaching the Gospel.  It must come through everyone one of you preaching it, in the shop and by the fireside, when walking abroad and when sitting in the chamber.  You must all of you be always endeavoring to “save some.” . . . Make this your resolve, every one of you, that if men perish they shall not perish for lack of your prayers, not for want of your earnest and loving instructions.  God give you grace, each one of you, to resolve by all means to save some, and then to carry out your resolution!”

~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon, The Soul Winner, 248-49.

Lord, We Agree: Interceding for Dr. Mohler

February 16, 2008

Many if not perhaps all of you have already been made aware of Dr. Mohler’s health condition and imminent need for surgery. It was not but hardly a year ago that Dr. Mohler underwent life-threatening illness with bi-lateral blood clots in his lungs. At this time, we have been informed that he has a pre-cancerous tumor in his colon. Please be in prayer for Dr. Mohler, his family, and the extended seminary family at this time.

Last week, Dr. Moore shared some warm and inspiring words to the seminary community (listen here, via Scott Lamb), and Dr. Tom Schreiner offered a very moving prayer on behalf of Dr. Mohler (listen here). Below is the transcript of his prayer, and it is my hope and desire that we agree in the name of our Lord Jesus for Dr. Mohler’s health and speedy recovery. May God’s perfect will be done, and may God’s infinite worth be displayed during these difficult times.

Dr. Schreiner, praying at chapel this past Thursday:

O Father, you are a great King. You are majestic and holy and awesome and wonderful and sovereign… You do rule and reign over all things. Lord, we do praise your majestic and holy Name. We bow before you as our God.

Father, it is so good to know in this hour when we’ve heard about our president’s health that you love your children, that you are a Good Shepherd… that you hold us in your arms. And Lord, we pray that for Dr. Mohler and for Mary and Katie and Christopher. Would you hold them close to you?

When fear comes, Lord, we pray that you would give them strength. When anxious thoughts strike, we pray for the peace that passes all understanding. When discouragement comes, Lord, we pray for hope. Lord, how we pray that you would surround and strengthen them with your Holy Spirit.

Lord, we do ask that through this, the gospel would go forth. We know your Word says that great afflictions come so that we will not trust in ourselves, but in a God who raises the dead. We confess, O Lord, we believe in such a God, we believe in a God that has raised Jesus, our Lord, from the dead. We believe that sin and death and disease cannot conquer us. They cannot ultimately win. We are victors in all things! Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Lord, we praise you for Dr. Mohler because the message of the gospel, the message of hope, the message of triumph over sin and death has resounded from his life. We praise you for what has happened at Southern Seminary in and through him. We praise you that that message has resounded throughout evangelicalism and indeed throughout the world. How we thank you for his leadership, for how you have used him!

And now, Lord, we lift him to you in his need. We pray, Lord, for uncommon wisdom for the doctors and the physicians that are attending him. We pray, Lord, as the surgery takes place that you would give them remarkable insight. Give them dexterity in the midst of the operation. Give them the kind of wisdom that would bring healing and strength to Dr. Mohler.

Lord, we read in your word that we do not have because we do not ask, so we ask, Lord, for successful surgery. We ask, Lord, for healing. We ask, Lord for full restoration. We are bold to ask that it would be rapid and soon.

We bow before your will… We know you do all things well. Lord, we know how you’ve used Dr. Mohler in our midst and throughout this land and beyond. So we do plead with you that you would bring him back to us soon, strong and healthy and ministering once again.

O Lord, may the faith of all of us be strengthened through this trial and affliction. May we all be reminded that we rely on you for everything, that our lives are short, that we may not have much time left. May we have a renewed vision to live for your glory, to spread your gospel, to strengthen the saints, and to live for the glory and honor of your name.

And Lord, that is our ultimate prayer. May your Name be glorified through this. May you be honored. May you be praised.

We ask all these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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